More Classes at Emporia


Brrrr, it’s cold out there at the moment, so we are battoning down the hatches and thinking about what lovely new crafts we can learn to keep our hands busy and our minds off the chill. Due to the amazing success of the first round of the beginner’s crochet classes, we are kicking off another session with Emma Jane in March, so if you missed out on the January ones, here’s your chance to sign up for the next batch.

It’s exactly the same as before, so if you don’t know one end of a crochet hook from another but are keen to get cracking with making up your Granny Squares so that you can turn them into blanket, a cushion cover or even a scarf to keep out the wintry winds, this is the class for you. It costs £60.00 per person for four weeks, and includes plenty of one-to-one time with Emma Jane so that you can learn at your own pace and feel confident in your new found skills. For more information, click on the Classes page at the top of the blog, or pop into the shop for a chat.

We are also keen to see what other classes people might be interested in at the moment, as we have had a couple of people asking if we might run a complete beginners knitting class, so if you have any preference for a particular skill you would like to learn, we would love to hear about it. You can either leave a comment on the blog or the Facebook page, or come and talk to Clair in the shop.


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