Mother’s Day at Emporia


It comes around every year at about this time and even though we know it’s coming (and some of us are actually mothers ourselves), we still manage to forget about it until the very last minute, and have to scrabble about panicking over what “thoughtful” gift we can buy at the supermarket on the way. We are, of course, talking about Mother’s Day, which takes place this Sunday, 30th March 2014. So if you haven’t booked the fancy hotel for afternoon tea, or ordered her a ginormous bunch of flowers, like every other advert on telly seems to suggest that’s all mothers ever want, then you should perhaps consider something a little bit more personal.

Lots of mums love receiving handmade gifts for special occasions, but even if you don’t have the time to whip up something using some of our gorgeous fabrics, you could always bend the rules a little and get her something handmade, just not by you.


These unusual tealights and candle holders come from Terre et Lumiere, a ceramic designer based in Rochester, and would make the ideal gift for someone who appreciates organic and natural forms in delicate materials. (The tea light holder with a double frill costs £18.50.) Crafty mums will be extra pleased with these Stitch Kits from Nancy Nicholson of Tenterden, so she can embroider herself or someone else a little bird or a teapot design in retro colours.


Mums who are always in need of somewhere to put all their stuff would definitely appreciate one of Aye Aye’s makeup bags (£7.00 each), available in a choice of funky and floral designs; or why not get her a tote bag from Pink Gecko designs (£18.00) in a very summery print, which fastens with a simple magnetic clasp – great for the town, the beach or just carrying your knitting wherever you go.

More decorative wear for the body comes in the form of the delightful applique t shirts from Pickles at £12.00 each – mixing up different fabrics and buttons, these large scale flowers transform an ordinary t shirt into something special. Or for mothers with an eye for fabulous hair, go for the fabric hair flower clips (£7.00) from Aye Aye , perfect for pairing with sunglasses and some spring sunshine.


And if all that loveliness hasn’t inspired you (or your mother is simply too tricky to buy for) you can always book her a place on one of courses so that she can create something special for herself, or you can get her Emporia Fabric and Crafts gift vouchers, available in any denomination you can think of.

So all that’s left to say, is happy Mother’s Day mums! We hope you have a smashing day. And if you don’t get the lovely treat you were hoping for, just pop into the shop and pick yourself out something super-duper. After all, mother knows best.


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