New Michael Miller Fabrics


Fans of Michael Miller will be clapping their hands with glee when they clock eyes on our latest arrivals. A big bundle of loveliness from the designer arrived in the shop this morning, making us whoop with joy on unwrapping them. If you have a thing for horses, trees, aeroplanes or squirrels, or indeed just Michael Miller fabrics in general, then hold onto your hats and take a look at these babies:

These three Wee Wonder fabrics feature gorgeous blues, lilacs and turquoise colours, along with sweet little people, animals and starry night skies. Perfect for bed quilts, or perhaps for bedding for little people, these designs are delightfully reminiscent of Japanese kids animation, vintage style fairytale illustrations and sleepytime snugglyness.


Speaking of vintage, these fabulous planes would make delightful decoration for anyone with a passion for flying, retro style. These big blue bombers could happily be going up diddly up, or down diddly down, all over curtains, bedclothes, or even pyjamas. Spot on for boys, big or small, who are already getting excited about the forthcoming air shows certain to take place over the summer. Chocks away, lads!


A welcome return to our shelves is the rather more autumnal looking Nuts for Dinner, which features a whole host of woodland themes, with butterflies, hedgehogs, toadstools, trees and of course, squirrels. An incredibly popular print with loads of customers in the shop, this large print just cries out for quilting, using as panels in decorative hangings, or using the incredibly cute squirrels as applique patches for kids’ clothes. Or adults’ clothes, if you have a particular penchant for squirrels. Either way, this print sells like the proverbial hot cakes, so if you want a large quantity, get in quick!


Just as a little extra, we thought you might like to know that we are now selling our instantly recognisable Emporia birds, as so many people have asked us about them, we thought it would be rude to keep them all to ourselves. The little white ones are 10cm across and cost £3.50, and the bigger ones are 18cm wide, come in frosted pink or blue, and cost £4.50.



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