Patchwork Mini Quilts


Anyone feeling inspired by the Beginners Patchwork course due to take place in August? Lotte Jamieson certainly is, as only this morning she delivered a little bundle of cute, cuddly mini patchwork quilts to the shop. Made from a selection of some of our most gorgeous fabrics, these quilts are perfectly proportioned for little people and anyone who loves things in miniature.

Inspired by her daughter’s desire to drag her bed quilt around with her, Lotte’s  mini quilts are small enough to stuff in a changing bag or bung in the bottom of a buggy without taking up too much room. Plus they are backed with fleece rather than cotton, which not only makes them warmer in colder weather, but also infinitely more snuggly. Great for wrapping up bears or dolls, putting over your head and playing boo, or just plain old cuddling with, these quirky little patchwork pieces come in a variety of different themed colours and patterns, made with modern simple styles which allow the beautiful designs to be the centre of attention.


Fresh yellows and turquoises complement the soft purples of this dreamy horse riding landscape – if your little one loves the idea of galloping through meadows in their sleep, this could be just the thing to send them off to bed with.


Bright orange, purple, green and chocolate brown make for an autumnal mix, alongside the cute squirrel, birds and leaf patterns in this vibrant square and rectangle quilt. A bit funky and seventies feeling, kids whose parents are old enough to remember the last time these colours were fashionable will love these retro prints.


Piratical types will keen to get their hands on the sailor style mini quilt, which features boats, stripes, stars and all things nautical – mixing up large and small panels, this one is backed with a dense navy blue fleece, making it perfect for seaside themed bedrooms or kids who want to captain their own ships.


Smaller patterns and a softer, more delicate colour palette come together in this bird and flower themed mini quilt – pale greens with ditsy roses, pale pink stripes and floaty bird silhouettes make for a serene design. Perfect for mini princesses with a love of all things pretty.

There are only a few of the mini quilts available in Emporia right now, but we know that Lotte has plans for more, so if you would like to get your hands on one, but are desperate for it to feature a particular fabric, we’re sure she would be happy to oblige. All mini quilts are £23.00 – for more information or to order your own quilt, pop into the shop or give us a ring on 01233 612278.

2 thoughts on “Patchwork Mini Quilts

  1. I’m a regular attendee of The Festival Of Quilts and I’m always so jealous of people that can quilt. I have a book to teach me but i always feel so overwhelmed when I think of starting. These are just so lovely. x

  2. Aw, thanks Andrea! That’s very kind of you to say so. It was pure fluke that I just decided to have a go one day and because they are so small, they are much less daunting to make than a full size one. Give it a try!

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