What Have You Been Making with Emporia Fabrics?


A couple of weeks ago, a very lovely lady called Vanessa popped into the shop; she wasn’t here to browse, or to buy, or check out what new classes were coming up, no, she just wanted to show us what she had been up to with her sewing time. A few weeks earlier she had spent quite a bit of time at Emporia looking at the fabrics and talking to one of the ladies who have been running the shop whilst Clair is on maternity leave, and she simply wanted to show her the end result of all their discussions and her hardwork with the sewing machine; the result – a fabulous, bright yellow notice board that she wanted to fill with photos of her family.

We were so touched by Vanessa taking the time and effort to come in and show us what she had made, that we have decided to ask as many of our customers as possible to either bring in their sewing creations to the shop, or send us a photo of what they’ve made so that we can take a look at what our gorgeous fabrics get transformed into. It’s not just that we are terribly nosy (we are) but we are also intrigued to see how certain projects work out in the end; quite often we spend a fair while talking to everyone in the shop about what they are making, hearing a little bit about them and their sewing habits, who it’s for and what that person is like, and best of all what they would like to make right now, next and in the future.

So you see, asides from helping match fabrics for quilts, measuring out endless metres for curtains, sharing stories about our children and the numerous things we have made for them over the years, and pondering which patterns would make the best summer dresses, we get a little insight into your lives and that makes us want to know you better and see how your projects are progressing. We love to share hints and tips with you, so we love it even more when you return the favour and tell us how things worked out for you.

And to encourage you to share your makes with us, we have decided to turn it into a competition of sorts. You’ve got until the end of Clair’s maternity leave to either send us a photo or come into the shop and let us take a picture of whatever you’ve made with your Emporia fabric; then when Clair is back she will pick her favourite and the winner will take home a metre of their chosen fabric from the shop, or a bundle of fat quarters. It’s not about the most complicated sewing project or how much time it’s taken you to make, we just want to see what you’ve made, hear how you made it and most importantly who it’s for. So whether you’ve made bunting for a birthday party, or hundreds of favours for a wedding, a quilt for a new baby or a bag for a friend, show us what you’ve been up to!

Email your photos and some details about your makes to emporia.market@gmail.com, or if you have a blog, leave a comment at the bottom with a link to a post about your Emporia fabric creation. Alternatively, you can come into the shop and get one of us to take a photo of it. Clair will pick the winner when she returns to run the shop again in September.


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