Beginners Knitting Classes


Hello and a very warm welcome to September! We are kicking off the new month and the new term with a brand new addition to our classes list – knitting for beginners. As much as we love sewing and all our beautiful fabrics here at Emporia, we also very much enjoy the feel of a lovely squishy ball of wool, and as autumn approaches, our fingers get the urge to start making stitches of a different sort. The knitty sort, that can keep you warm and toasty as the weather gets cooler, and make the transition from central heating to the chilly outside that much more tolerable.

With this in mind, we have decided to give knitting a bit of a go this autumn: starting in October just as the nights are beginning to get that little big longer, we have two beginners knitting classes taking place that will teach you the very basic skills you need to make your own scarf or trendy cowl.


Now, if you can already cast on, knit and/or purl and cast off, then this is definitely not the course for you. In the words of David Bowie, this class is for absolute beginners – if you have never picked up a pair of knitting needles, or you have and then instantly got yourself in a massive wooly tangle, then this is the class for you. Lotte Jamieson will be in the driving seat as she takes you through the very simple stages needed to learn how to cast on and how to get going with your knitted neck warmer.

The key to knitting is to not attempt to run before you can walk; or not try and knit an enormous Aran jumper before you can walk. Learner knitters will get to grips with chunkier wool which knits up much quicker than standard double knitting, meaning it won’t take you forever to create your very own scarf or cowl. Once we get you started here, you can take your project home and carry on developing your skills as you go. And for those that need a little help, you can always come back to the next session for a refresher, or perhaps learn a new stitch.


The classes take place from 11am – 1pm on Saturday 4th and Saturday 18th October and cost £25.00 per person, with second timers paying only £15.00 for a refresher session. The class is suitable for 12+ and comes with a 10% discount for 200 grammes (two balls) of wool and a pair of needles from the Ashford Sewing Centre. You don’t have to buy two balls if you want to make a shorter or a thinner scarf, but if you want something that can wrap round your neck at least twice then two balls is the minimum. We do have some vintage knitting needles for sale in the shop, but we can’t guarantee they will still be here by the time the class starts, so get in quick if you want some!

For this class we are recommending using wool that is suitable for knitting on 6mm, 6.5mm or 7mm wool, so please do make sure you check the label or ask for help when buying it. All the staff at the Ashford Sewing Centre really know their stuff, so don’t be shy about making sure you get the right kind of wool – other than that, choose whatever colour or texture catches your eye. It’s your scarf, so go for whatever takes your fancy!

To book a place on either of the Beginners’ Knitting classes, phone us on 01233 612278 or pop into the shop for a chat.


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