Sale Fabrics at Emporia!


As we roll gently into autumn on a wave of success following the fantastic Pluckley Quilt and Craft Show (Did you go? Weren’t the exhibits simply stunning?) we are now bringing you the delights of our mini sale. So if you fancy recreating some of the intricate designs which were on show at the Pluckley Village Hall or you simply want to replenish your stash, pop in a take a look at these reduced lovelies.

Marking the return of the fabulous Downton Abbey to our screens, we’ve decided to put our entire Downton collection into the sale. Yes, that’s right Lords and Ladies, if you wish to emulate the well to do folk of the Grantham estate, you can now do so at a mark down price! Despite Lord Grantham’s thorough disapproval or all things modern, we love these contemporary takes on vintage styles and colours.


Blues, greens and purples make for Liberty-esque patterns in a 1920s style, while the floral designs in orange and turquoise, and pinks and cream feel more turn of the century. We tend to call these the grownup fabrics in the shop, and they are all quite sophisticated. If you fancy making yourself some grownup dresses, skirts, blouses or accessories, then get in quick as there won’t be much left on the bolt for too long!

Moving away from the grownup end of the scale to the decidedly more funky and fun, these Riley Blake patterns are definitely not going to get you a seat at dinner with the Crawleys. So bright they are almost luminous, the cassette tapes are spot on for anyone with a hankering after old school mix tapes, while the vinyl records are even more vintage style, in a funked up DJ kind of way.


Or if you have a thing for facial hair, either on fabric or on men, then grab some of this pink and grey moustache print before it goes. Big floral prints in seriously bright pink and green with turquoise are the absolute opposite of the Downton collection, so think what kind of a statement you could make with these large scale patterns.

All these fabrics have been seriously good sellers over the summer, but now that autumn is here it’s time to make room for more fabrics on our shelves. All sale fabrics are now on priced at £10.00 per metre.

Breaking news – two more dates  have been added to the Beginners Knitting classes, so if you missed out on the October dates, you can now look at learning to knit on Saturday 1st and 22nd November 2014. See the Classes page for more information. 



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