Emporia Fabric Competition Winner!


Do you remember back in the summer (you know, when the sun was out and it was warm?) we decided to celebrate our gorgeous fabric collection and what you clever crafters get up to with it by asking you to send in pictures of your makes? While Clair was on maternity leave, we thought she would be missing out on all the gossip and excitement that goes alongside new fabric deliveries and chatting to customers about what they have on their sewing tables, so we wanted her to have the chance to see what everyone was up to while she was away.

Loads of you came into the shop with your fabulous creations, posted photos on Facebook or emailed your pics to us to show off your sewing skills, so Clair had plenty of lovely things to choose from. The idea came from a lovely woman called Vanessa who came into the shop to show off her noticeboard that she covered in beautiful Makower yellow and grey flowers. We were so touched that she wanted to thank us for helping her choose the fabric and plan her project that we decided we wanted to see more of what you have been making.


A couple of entries were very close calls, so we must give some special mentions to Sita Turner who made a bee blind for the nursery while she was pregnant; and Helen Parker who made some simply beautiful baby shoes for her great niece Florence from the Makower animal heads. Clair said she was very impressed with these baby makes; she said the shoes were very cute and that she had great empathy with Sita for wanting to make something for her new arrival while it was still in residence. Both Sita and Helen win a free fat quarter as runner up prizes.

Bunting, blinds, baby shoes, Christmas stockings, quilts and bags were all submitted for Clair’s scrutiny and she had a very hard time choosing her favourite when she came back to the shop last week, but eventually she settled on one. So without further ado, we ask you to give hearty congratulations to the winner – Rebecca Musto!


Rebecca made some truly beautiful wedding bunting for a friend from the batik style Makower floral prints, in purple, turquoise and deep pink, and the serene bird silhouettes. It was her first time making bunting and we have to say she did a truly fantastic job, and it seems from her wedding photos that her friend was delighted too. So well done Rebecca, do come into the shop and collect your prize of a fabric metre of your choice soon!


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