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If you are one of those lucky people (parents) who are permanently surrounded by short, demanding people (children) who are in need of constant attention and Things to Do that involve either making a mess, hurting their siblings, or generally complaining about how they are bored, then we have some very good news for you: this month Emporia launches its very own Kids’ Craft Club!

For several months now we have been asked by many customers if we do any craft sessions that are suitable for children, and despite welcoming them on board the Get to Know Your Sewing Machine classes, inviting them to take part in the patchwork workshop, and giving them the chance to have their very own crafty birthday party right here in the shop, it’s simply not enough. They want more craft and they want it now. And now we’re giving it to them.


This week we are pleased to announce the launch of the Emporia craft club for kids, which kicks off on Saturday 25th October, from 2pm – 3.30pm. Perfect for anklebiters with a passion for making, sticking, gluing and sewing, there will be lots of fun craft going down at the back end of the shop as our wonderful Saturday girl Olivia invites kids to get to grips with their very own craft sessions. They can make fabric covers for notebooks, sew cute little pincushions, create felt badges and bears or monsters, and as we get nearer to the festive period, your kids can come home with gorgeous decorations for the  Christmas tree.


So if your little one is keen to get making on a Saturday afternoon, you know where to bring them! Just be warned that the craft level in your household will increase substantially if you do.

The craft club takes place every Saturday from 2pm, and costs £5.00 per child. It’s suitable for anyone from age seven upwards, and there is no need to book – just turn up and have fun! Please note that there will be no Kids’ Craft Club on Saturday 8th November 2014.  For more information on our regular classes and courses, click on the Classes link at the top of the page, or pop into the shop to pick up a leaflet and have a chat.


p.s. – We’ve got plenty of Halloween goodies in store for the next couple of weeks including flappy bats, plush pumpkins, Halloween bunting, Trick or Treat bags, witches’ cats, spooky headscarves and hair accessories, and of course some fabulous Halloween themed fabric for you to create your own ghoulish makes with. Come and take a look at our fabulously freaky window display and see what devilish delights you can spy in the shop.


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