New Arrivals from Makower


A lovely bundle of gorgeousness arrived from Makower first thing this morning, giving us that delicious Christmassy feeling of opening up a parcel that you know will contain objects of delight. Full of warm colours and appealing patterns, these little numbers are certain to get as many oohs and aahs as the turning on of the Christmas lights when you see them in person. But just in case you can’t get into the shop any time soon to see all the new designs, here’s a sneak peak at our newly arrived fabrics.


These beautiful tumbling circles with their multi coloured patterns and hints of gold are sheer bliss when it comes to choosing winter or festive fabrics in a non-traditional way. Full of rich and warm colours, they would make delightful table decorations, such as napkins or table runners.


Made from the same colour palette, these spiralling trees are just as perfect for the festive season. Featuring a stronger gold element in the tree trunks and inside the smaller circles, they contrast beautifully with the deep blue and the cool cream of the background.


Two more abstract patterns from Makower are also now on sale in the shop: the first is full of simple shapes and designs, combined with a limited colour palette of blue, cream, red and gold. Kind of jewel-like and very reminiscent of Klimt’s paintings, this is a fantastic design for anything that shows off its eccentric patterns. The second grey, red and white combination comes from a series inspired by Aboriginal art, featuring finger dots and swirling pathways representing travel. Great for decorating a home, these repeating circles are spot on for accessories for the man in your life.


The final design brings you yet more festive gold with these wonderful spiral designs set against a deep blue and that cool cream again. Bringing to mind hand drawn calligraphic script, these fabrics would make for a sumptuous winter quilt.

And if you were in any doubt as to how well these patterns and colours gel together, take a look at this pile of delicious fat quarters on the cutting table – doesn’t it make you just want to take them all home and immediately start creating a fantastic new project? Personally speaking, we’ve already got  at least five different projects ready to go!


All the new fabrics from Makower are on sale at Emporia Fabric & Craft for £11.00 per metre.




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