Christmas Competition


With only one week to go until Christmas, we are really starting to feel the festive spirit. The pop up shop has been busy with loads of customers choosing handmade presents for their friends and families, and so many people have been coming into the shop in recent weeks to buy fabric or supplies for things they are making for gifts. Obviously it is the season for giving, but we think it’s also the season for being nosy. Not only do we want to know what you’re buying for your mum, dad, aunty and cousins etc, but we want to know what you’re planning on making for your niece, nephew and grandma.

Clair is currently toiling away making a gorgeous quilt for her mother in law, and I’m busy sewing together masses of huge squares to create a play tent for my two little ones, inspired by the one in the Pretty Patches magazine (new issue in the shop now btw!). Last year I also made my husband a wash bag, which I was incredibly proud of as it was my first use of a zip in a non-garment and for some reason the thought of inserting it made me awfully nervous. Loads of people have been making stockings and Santa sacks for children, and some of the attendees of the workshops have taken home festive inspired makes to put under their trees. But what has been going on with your sewing machine? What have you had to rapidly hide under the fabric stash when your other half came home, what have you been frantically sewing while the children are asleep, and what have you been making in half the time you wanted as you didn’t realise the postal dates for America were so early? Let us know!


It’s always exciting for us to talk to customers about what they plan to make with the things they’re buying, and what better way is there to celebrate the joys of lovingly sewn, handmade presents than with a special Christmas competition. We want to see what you’ve made and given this Christmas and help us share the joy of creating special things for those you love. Obviously we don’t want to spoil the big reveal on Christmas Day, so you’ve got until Tuesday 6th January 2015 to take a photo of whatever you’ve made, and put it on Facebook, tagging us in your description. And, you don’t have to but it would be extra nice, we’d love to know who it was for and whether or not they were completely blown away by your generous and beautifully made gift.

Good luck sewing peeps – we hope your machines don’t let you down and that your eyesight isn’t under too much strain as you sew into the night! We look forward to seeing all your festive creations in January, and to handing out a metre of fabric to the winner.


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