Happy New Year!


We know it’s a little late as we are now a whole week into 2015, but some of us take time getting used to a new year, and need a few days to warm up. So now the holidays are over and we’re back to the daily grind, we thought we’d settle down to business by checking on the entries to our Christmas makes competition. However, it seems that we’re not the only ones who need reminding that 2015 is here and real life must carry on, so we’re extending the deadline until next Tuesday, 13th January and giving you an extra week to get your photos in!


What did you make? What did you get? Did you do any last minute Christmas Eve sewing? Did anyone get a New Year’s Day present? (Someone we know got a sewing pattern from Sew Over It as a lovely surprise gift on the 1st January, from a husband who had clearly done some very good research.) We need to see your pictures people! Post a photo of all of your handsewn Christmas makes on Facebook, tag us and sit back and wait to see if you will be the lucky winner of a whole metre of fabric from our fantastic selection.


In the meantime, why not take another gander at all the lovely classes we’ve got going on this year: alongside all the Get to Know your Sewing Machines, there’s beginners patchwork (this Saturday), a special zip workshop and the chance to make children’s clothes. For those that want a different kind of stitching, beginners knitting takes place every Monday evening from the 12th January, plus a special cabling workshop for those that want to extend their skills. Two new classes are perfect for those with a little romance in their soul as Lotte takes a knitted heart class just in time for Valentines Day on Saturday 7th February 2015 – perfect for those that can do basic knitting, this little project will teach you how to increase and decrease, and make a heartwarming gift in any size for the love of your life. Sewers won’t be left out of the romantic action either, as Clair takes a patchwork heart class on Saturday 14th February itself – create a beautiful hanging heart from a choice of all the gorgeous fabrics in the shop, and personalise it for your chosen loved one, be they your other half, your best mate or your little one.


We’ll have plenty more sewing and knitting going down in February and March, but if there is anything else that you’d like to see being taught in the shop, do let us know.  You can leave a comment at the bottom of the blog, get in touch via Facebook or actually come into the shop in person and have a chat – we love to get feedback from the people that matter most, so hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth would be great.

We’ll be back next week, with some amazingly exciting new fabrics, and to announce the winner of our  Christmas makes competition. See you soon!


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