Competition winner!


Congratulations Helen Parker! Helen is the proud winner of our Christmas Makes competition which she won with this gorgeous jacket, made from a variety of different Emporia fabrics. The jacket was made as a Christmas gift for her great niece Florence, whom we are sure looks very lovely in it. Helen – you are welcome to come into the shop and collect your prize of a metre of whichever fabric you choose. We look forward to seeing you soon!

And in other news, we’re very aware of just how grey and grim the weather has been recently. The sky is gloomy, it’s very cold and the daylight still doesn’t seem to last very long; just as we hit mid-January, it’s still over two months until the start of spring, and we’re inclined to feel the winter blues just a bit more. Well, if you’re suffering from a touch of post Christmas grumps, then we’re here to prescribe you a large dose of craft. Proving that grey doesn’t have to be gloomy, here are some of our most pretty, inspiring and funky grey prints on sale in the shop right now.


Fake your knitting abilities with this woolly looking print, get inspired by nature with these cool and calm birds, or try out some scratchy zig zaggy style lines.


Pretty greys come in all shades, from dark to light, and warm to cold: this regal number features mini crowns – just right for a prince or princess; snowflakes, spirals, flowers or circles – this lacey print is just crying out to be matched with a zingy green or teal; and who doesn’t love stars? Simple prints like this are great all rounders, and if you match them up with their other colourway partners, you’ll create a whole solar system of loveliness.


Grey and orange ping off each other like rubber bands on a slingshot – go funky with square spirals or try a little Aboriginality in your designs with this innovative Makower design, and simple two tone circles make for a very 60s feel for circle skirts.

Whatever you think about grey – it really isn’t boring at all. Feel inspired? Head to the shop and take a look for yourself, or check out our classes online and see if anything takes your fancy. Don’t let the winter bring you down – grab your sewing machine and make something up!


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