Launching our Crowdfunder Project


This week we are very excited about launching our Crowdfunder project, which we hope will help us make the leap from becoming a newbie craft shop into being a destination fabric store on the Ashford High Street. Take a look at our official page here or jump straight in and make a pledge.

It’s a very busy time for us, and this launch couldn’t have come at a better time, as we continue to increase our range of fabrics and keep note of everything that all our lovely customers ask for. For those of you not familiar with the concept of crowdfunding, let us tell you a bit about how it works: the Crowdfunder site hosts pages for new and young businesses, charities, schools and entrepreneurs who are in need of funds for their projects, and allows people to donate a bit of cash to them to help them succeed in their plans. In the past the site has helped people with hugely diverse range of projects, from schools needing more play equipment to young mountaineers aiming to climb Kilimanjaro, and now we are joining the scheme ourselves with the aim of making our fantastic little shop even bigger and better.


Much of what we do here day to day, apart from cut up fabric for customers and help them with whatever they need for their sewing creations, is think about how we can improve on what we’ve got: improve our fabric range, improve our layout, improve our classes, and improve on letting people know where we are and what we’ve got. We always listen to what people want, and recently we’ve become aware that lots more people are asking us for things we haven’t got in stock, whether it’s orange fur fabric, fusible interfacing or knicker elastic. So what we would really, really like to do is get hold of those things, and much, much more and sell them to all our gorgeous customers. But in order to be able to do that, we need to be able to afford to buy all the new stock, and have somewhere to put it.

Which leads us back to our Crowdfunder scheme: what we need from our regular supporters and anyone who would like to see more variety of fabrics and haberdashery in the shop, is a little (or large) donation to help us get where we want to be. Jersey, fashion fabrics, more cottons, fur fabric, trimmings, more ribbons, elastic, contemporary patterns, craft kits and a big old storage unit in which to put it all, is what we are after. And you can help us get it. We’ll happily take donations from a £1.00 up to £1,000, if you feeling generous; and if you feel like you need a little reward for your kindness in helping us out, fear not – donations from £10.00 upwards come with exciting treats attached. So if you feel like getting 15% off in the shop, donate £15.00 and it’s yours; fancy getting your hands on a very special Emporia tote bag, donate £20.00, and if you’re feeling super duper generous, £75.00 will get you a place on a workshop of your choice and 30% off in the shop. See? We’re nothing if not grateful for your support!

Emporia Fabric & Crafts Crowdfunder Page

We’ve only got a short period of time to reach our target – til 28th March 2015 to be precise – so if you want all of the above, and to make us feel simply amazing, and extraordinarily grateful for our loyal and devoted customers, take a look at our Crowdfunder page and see how generous you’re feeling. We promise we’ll not only give you your reward but we’ll also love you forever if you make a pledge. Here’s a little bit of love in advance of your kindness:



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