Me Made May is Coming …


It may only be the very first day of April today, but the start of the month signals the countdown to a very exciting time for us, as this year is the first time we will take part in Me Made May, and we are inviting you to do the same! With only 29 days left until the start of May, we thought we would share with your our plans for this sewing (and knitting) inspired month.

For anyone who has never heard of Me Made May before, we’ll take a little time to introduce the concept of this community celebration of homemade garments and just why it can be a force for the good. Me Made May was set up originally by a Brighton based sewer and blogger called Zoe; her aim is to encourage people who sew, knit or stitch in general to celebrate their handmade items by pledging to wear them as much as possible for the duration of one month. It’s not a competition, nor is it a showing off session, (although doubtless there will be some amazing sewers out there who will have some seriously enviable wardrobes) it is simply a chance to celebrate your skills in making your own clothes and/or accessories and perhaps encourage you to be a bit more creative and adventurous when it comes to what you make.


All the details and the why’s and wherefore’s behind the movement can be found on So Zo’s introduction to Me Made May 2015 here, but the general gist of what she has to say about this year’s set up is this:

For those of you who can already sew and have loads of handmade items in your wardrobe, your pledge to take part in MMM15 could be more about which garments you have made but don’t wear that often; do you have nothing that matches them or is there something a little wrong with the construction that you can fix? If you simply don’t like it, why not salvage the material and see if you can transform it into something else? Or maybe you could take the chance to pledge to wear nothing shop bought for an entire month if you are that good – now there’s a challenge that would really get you thinking about the kind of things you make.


More humble sewers (myself included) can look upon the month as a chance to actually get some clothes made instead of constantly buying fabric and dithering over patterns. So Zo is adamant that MMM is most definitely not about panic sewing and I completely agree with her, but in order to take part in the challenge, I do need to get the chance to sit down at the sewing machine and dedicate some time to creating things for myself. Many sewers spend huge amounts of time making for other people, so this is another opportunity for a little bit of selfish sewing. Not only do we get an enforced deadline (1st May obviously!) but you get to dictate precisely what you will accomplish during that time: if you feel that (making) and wearing one new garment a week for the month of May is too easy, then you can up the ante and go with two a week instead. It’s up to you to decide what will challenge you and make your wardrobe a better place to choose from!


Despite the fact that the majority of MMM is generally aimed at sewing, you can of course include knitting and crochet, and refashioning in the mix too. So even if you are a complete newbie sewer, but you’ve got knitted garments aplenty in your cupboards, then you can still join in; the aim of the game is simply to wear things you have made yourself (and perhaps the odd sneaky item someone else has made for you) during May, and celebrate the creativity behind it. So handmade scarves and hats (although hopefully the weather will be more suited to sunhats by then) are good to go too.


So if you are feeling inspired to join in and want to show the world all your creations, then take a trip over to So Zo’s blog and see what she and thousands of others have got up to over the five years she’s been running MMM, before you take some time to think about what kind of pledge you’re going to make and what you might be inspired to sew, knit or crochet as the project kicks off for this year. Clair and I will be signing up on the site soon, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled to see how dedicated we are to the cause! And if you want to share your pledge with us here, feel free to copy it into the comments section at the bottom so we can see what you’re planning on achieving – we’d love to know!


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