Guterman Fabrics


A couple of weeks ago we received a massive order from the fabric company Guterman which included an entire range of prints that are just perfect for the spring and summer months: gorgeous greys, soft pinks and cool navy are now taking over the unit in the corner of the shop and just waiting to be transformed into something wonderful by you clever creatives out there.

The range is entitled Long Island, evoking nautical themes and bright summer days; printed onto super wide fabrics, these designs are spot on for homewares, quilts and clothing due to the extra length you get. Take a look at these delightful prints and let us know what you think you could make with them. We’ve already sold some for bedding accessories, a couple of metres for a summer dress and smaller amounts for a quilt topper, so get your creative brains a buzzing and see what you could do.


Cute little stars with contrasting centres and tiny leave patterns reminiscent of Orla Kierly’s designs would be fantastic for children’s and grownup’s pyjamas.


Big florals on clean grey, navy and pink backgrounds would look fabulous on swishy circle-skirt style fifties dresses, while the smaller flowers and birds print would make an excellent pair of loose summer trousers.


Nautical rope prints and swooping curves make for lovely contrast prints on quilts and patchwork items, or for those that love a bit of pattern matching, how about some fresh and simple a line skirts?


Big, bright complex floral designs and all over baroque style prints are just crying out to be made into cushions and pillows or bedding accessories; feel like those prints shouldn’t be hidden away in the house? How about a summer tote bag or maybe a big beach bag? There’s plenty of room for summery ideas with this lot.

And these pics are just a snippet of what we’ve got in the shop – pop in and take a look for yourself at the diamond patterns, big nautical stripes, dinky little crosses, miniature flower designs and chandelier style lines which also feature in the range.

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