VE Day Vintage Style


This Friday marks the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day, when the Second World War was finally declared over, and to celebrate we are taking a little look at vintage style. This week’s blog post is all about how you can create some key vintage style for yourself as well as learn a little bit about what women were actually wearing during the war. From the Make Do and Mend campaigns run by the government to the utility clothing worn by women working in the factories and on the farms up and down the country.


We’ve got gorgeous vintage patterns on sale here

Currently showing at the Imperial War Museum London is the Fashion on the Ration exhibition, which showcases clothing for both men and women from the relative comfort of autumn of 1939 to the fully rationed days at the end of the war and beyond. Highlighting the creativity of those on the home front, the exhibition gives you a chance to see just how influential that period of innovation during adversity was.


Classic polka dots make for great retro styles

The exhibition not only makes an excellent day out for those who already have a passion for vintage fashion, but it also makes a great introduction to anyone who has never looked closely at clothing from this period – from austerity rationing to changes in female clothing that accompanied their changing roles, there is plenty to be inspired by here.


Aye Aye headscarves in patriotic colours on sale at the Imperial War Museum London shop

But most importantly of all, for the duration of the exhibition you can buy limited edition retro style headscarves made by our very own Melissa from Aye Aye right there! Simple yet so effective – if you are popping up to London to see the exhibition you can get your hands on one right there in the Imperial War Museum shop. And if you’re not, you can come and see us in our little shop and either pick one off the rail or make your own choice of fabric for a more personal take on vintage style.

They may not be flying over the white cliffs, but these birds have a distinctly vintage feel

They may not be flying over the white cliffs, but these birds have a distinctly vintage feel

For those of us wanting to go that little bit further on a quest for vintage style, we can’t quite head back to the forties, but we’ve got a little selection of patterns from the fifties that could work just as well. Retro blouses and shirts can instantly give your outfit an edge, and with a little help from the Internet you could even adapt one to give a more forties feel. And nothing says retro like a good old fashioned style dress. Make them up in contemporary prints for a twist on the vintage theme or go properly retro with fabrics that speak back to an earlier time.

You can't go wrong with a pretty flower and polka dot combo

You can’t go wrong with a pretty flower and polka dot combo for vintage loveliness

 Love vintage? We’d love to see your creations on both Facebook and Instagram – #Emporiafabrics. Show us what you’ve been up to!


2 thoughts on “VE Day Vintage Style

  1. I’ve been to the Fashion On The Ration exhib – it was great. Didn’t realise just how feminine and detailed styles were in the 30’s/40’s. Would really recommend a visit.

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