New Super Hero Fabrics

Joining the already full to bursting shelf that contains all the cool Star Wars prints, we now can welcome a host of superheroes into the mix. Now sitting next to Darth Vader and Batgirl are the likes of Thor and Spiderman!


Getting a parcel from the Mavel fabric guys is always a welcome surprise and this Monday we were delighted to open up the box and see these super cool prints waiting inside. We know that Spiderman is a big hit with lots of little (and big) people round these parts, so we are sure we will see him shooting his web slingers and jumping off tall buildings in bedrooms curtains and on bags and shorts, and possibly even dresses, very soon.


Also making a very welcome arrival are the mash up Marvel prints that feature a variety of superheroes, making them perfect for anyone who struggles to choose a favourite. Daredevil, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman and Captain America all feature on the cool blue, grey and yellow comic strip style print, along with a few others.


The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Spiderman also feature in this selection of floating heads on a painty blue background. Using original line drawing style prints, we can see this one making up some excellent summer shirts, maybe some pyjamas and even a bean bag or two. Or combine it with your other fave superhero prints for a big Marvel themed quilt!

Alongside the fantastic Marvel fabrics we’ve also got a small amount of brand new designs from Heather Rosas for Camelot, including these gorgeous summer star fish in bright turquoise and lime green, and white and soft grey. Simply perfect for summer, they are a great twist on the standard nautical themes.


Joining them are some simple asymmetric line prints in grey, turquoise and white, and some Art Deco style curves in deep pink and grey and white.


More designs will be hitting the shelves from this clever and creative designer soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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