Knitted Jewellery Classes


A few weeks ago we introduced some knitted jersey bracelets into the shop, and ever since then people have been asking us how they are made, so now we are giving you the chance to find out by holding some jewellery knitting classes! If you are a knitter who fancies getting to grips with some new skills and a new way of wearing your knitting, then this is the class for you.


The bracelets are made from jersey yarn which is a by product of the fashion industry, so essentially they are very long and very thin off-cuts. Available in as many colours as are being used by the current season garment makers, the jersey makes for some very exciting and very wearable jewellery potential, as the only limit is how many different stitches you know. Go for super simple i-cord style or mix it up with a chunkier bracelet, either knitted or woven with another colour. You can also make necklaces too, in exactly the same way.

Double colours in a chunkier style

Double colours in a chunkier style

The knitted jewellery classes will take place over the coming weeks, and everyone who attends will get the chance to make either two simple style bracelets, one more complicated chunky style bracelet (and possibly a simple one too, if you have time), or a necklace. Although this class is perfect for those who already know how to knit and purl, if you are a confident beginner, you should still be able to get to grips with the simple style of the i-cord. Materials are all supplied on the day, and if you want to take home your super chunky knitting needles so you can make more bracelets, you can purchase them at the end of the class.

Single i-cord style

Single i-cord style

The classes take place from 12pm – 2pm Monday 22nd June, 12pm – 2pm on Monday 13th and Monday 20th July 2015, and 1pm – 3pm on Saturday 18th July 2015, and cost £15.00 per person. Classes are limited to four people per session. If you would like to book a place on any of the knitted jewellery classes, phone the shop on 01233 612278 or pop in and see us in person.



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