Make a Simple Summer Skirt


This week we have decided to go back to basics and show you how to make a simple summer skirt using some of our gorgeous Gutermann extra wide fabric. There’s nothing more satisfying than a quick and easy sewing project that you can pop on and wear within a couple of hours; whether you’ve got an itch to make something new for the weekend, or have a bit of spare time while the kids are otherwise occupied and want to do something just for you, this simple gathered skirt can be whipped up in no time. And if you don’t fancy making one for yourself or a fellow grownup, you can do a smaller one from our standard width fabric and give it to a lucky child!


To make this gathered summer skirt you will need: 75cm of 152cm/60” wide fabric from our Gutermann range – choose from our range of cool pinks, warm greys and sophisticated navies with various subtle floral and nautical style prints; 75cm will cost you just £12.38. You will also need a length of elastic to fit your waist measurement plus 1” extra (£1.50 a metre).


1. Fold the fabric in half and with wrong sides together stitch ½ cm from the edge, turn inside out, and press with the iron. Then stitch ½ cm from the edge with right sides together as this will give you a neat French seam to conceal the edges.

2. Fold the waistband over by 1cm and press, then fold it over again by 2 ½ cm, and press with iron.

3. Stitch along the edge of the waistband at the bottom of the fold, leaving a 2 ½ cm gap (leaving the gap around the vertical join line is best) where you will thread the elastic through.


4. Attach a safety pin to the end of the length of elastic and thread through the waistband, making sure you don’t loose the other end inside the waistband tube. Once you have fed the elastic all the way through, make sure it is lying flat all the way around the waistband. It is a good idea to safety pin both ends of the elastic together at this point and try the skirt on to make sure the elastic is the right length. Got the measurements right? Sew the elastic together by overlapping the ends and sewing back and forth on the same section to reinforce the stitches.

5. Top stitch the fabric edge onto the body of the skirt where you inserted the elastic to close up the gap.

6. Turn up 1/2 cm, and 1/2 cm again on the hem over and press it, before stitching all around the edge.

7. Give the skirt a final press, wear it and look marvelous! (or give it to a friend and receive heaps of praise for your generosity and talent!)


You can even add some super simple patch pockets on the sides to give you somewhere to put your lippy and your phone – make them in a contrast fabric from a fat quarter to add an interesting detail.

Made yourself or a little one a simple skirt from any of our fabrics? Let us know! We do love being nosey. Show us your makes on your blogs by leaving a link in the comments box here or by tagging Emporia Fabric & Crafts on Facebook. 


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