Hot Summer Prints


Goodness it’s been hot this week – not just summery hot, but properly sweltering, lying on the beach, sipping iced beverages and not moving an inch kind of hot. What can you do in this heat except dream of being on holiday somewhere and not having to do anything at all barring contemplating your next cocktail? Well, you could be inspired by our most summery fabrics to create that perfect sundress, knock up a quick beach bag or evens some fabulously floaty culottes. Take a look at what’s hot on our fabric shelves and then tell us you can’t be bothered to even get up off your sunlounger.

These brand new flamingos walking through the sea, with boats and a beautiful turquoise background have been gathering quite a few admirers in the shop recently. Making us think of sparkling seas and hot summer days, this print would make a fantastic dress, with the cloudy sky for the bodice and the elegant flamingos decorating a swishy full skirt.


More flamingos coupled with some big romantic hearts from Michael Miller make up these other new arrivals: summer romances and fresh white cottons would be perfect for circle skirts and fifties style numbers.


Seriously bright floral prints are always bang on trend over the hottest months of the year, so if you’re thinking about going retro with your fabrics, bag a couple of metres of these seventies style prints for a cute sleeveless top or an A line skirt.


More abstract brights make for fantastic maxi dresses – really let your colours show (and your tan) with these geometric prints.


Another gorgeous panel print fabric, these Michael Miller origami animals set against a cool white background would look simply lovely on a knee length dress, with the bright pink, blue and orange birds drifting down over the waist to meet the other creatures around the hem. Sheer summery bliss in fabric form.

If you are in search of some hot weather sewing inspiration, pop into the shop and have a browse – we’re located on the cooler side of the street – we’ve more new arrivals coming soon!


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