We’ve Moved!


It’s taken two weeks and a whole lot of heavy lifting, but we have now finally moved into our brand new premises in Park Mall. With about a million times more square footage and plenty of room for buggies, mobility scooters and wheelchairs all at once (yes! all at once!) we have made a dramatic transformation from the tiny little place on Bank Street into a huge and spacious unit. We redecorated, restocked and remerchandised the whole place, and last night we relaunched, so if you haven’t managed to come and see us yet, what are you waiting for?!


Gorgeous fabrics on display

The fabric wall is now about three times as big, and with more units due to arrive soon you can expect to see even more new arrivals from Michael Miller, Makower, Riley Blake, Swafing, Guterman and Camelot. Just to kick things off, a massive delivery from Makower containing a whole range of different coloured plains arrived just yesterday, so if you’re in need of any colours of the rainbow, we’ve got the lot!


New rolls of cheaper fabric

We’ve also introduced a new larger and cheaper range, currently on sale on rolls – these nauticals, ginghams and floral prints are double wide and only £7.99 a metre – perfect for dresses and larger scale projects. More jersey has arrived in the shape of plains – including black, pink and pale blue, and we’ve also got plenty of netting now in stock, at only £2.50 a metre.


Aye Aye’s superb collection gets plenty of room now

Those of you getting ready for Christmas already will be pleased to know we’ve got super wide felt in the shop, with festive red and green already selling to the super organised crafters of Ashford. Our selection of vintage buttons and fabrics has also expanded for those that love a rummage, and if you have a passion for vintage fashion too, you can browse the vintage clothes rail for some seriously unique pieces.


Gorgeous new designs from R & R

More wool will be heading to the shop soon, including local brands and some big names – knitters and crochet fans keep your eyes peeled! And the craft selection is still very much in residence, and will be expanding as time goes on. Aye Aye and Richardson & Richardson moved in just as soon as they could, and you can now see a much larger range of their fantastic clothes and accessories on our shelves. New names are joining our old and well loved regulars, and you can expect to see mini interviews and in depth coverage of their products over the coming months as we focus on the unique crafting talent that has come under the Emporia wing.


The brand new sign going up

Classes are taking place as normal, and we’re thinking of reintroducing Stitch and Bitch sessions mid week if we get enough takers – let us know if you’re interested! We’ve already had two classes take place on the shop floor, which fascinated customers and allowed us to be nosy and see the attendees make progress with their projects. Mandy Munroe’s sew and slash patchwork class is returning again next week (10am – 3pm Thursday 30th July 2015) , so if you fancy joining us for that, give us a ring or pop into the shop for more info.


At the launch – tired and a bit shiny, but very happy

Other than that, it’s just business as usual – measuring, cutting, sewing, creating and loving every minute of working in our fantastic new shop.


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