Rowan and Patons Wool Now in Stock


We started selling small amounts of wool and cotton back in the old small shop in spring, and now we’ve moved to our lovely new big shop, we’ve got plenty more space to stock it. So if you’re starting to feel the need to boost your yarn stash for the coming months, come and have a butchers at our new collections and you could start planning your autumnal knitting right away.


It’s been a long time coming and a terrible obsession for one of us (yes, I confess, it’s me not Clair), but we finally have some Rowan yarn in the store! The truly scrumptious Thick N Thin is a gorgeous, uneven twisted wool that comes in a range of nature inspired colours. With names like Moorland and Limestone, you feel like you could be knitting something made of the landscape itself.  We’ve currently got four beautiful earthy colours in stock and will be increasing the range come autumn.


A stable for many all year round knitters, Hand Knit Cotton also from Rowan has been gracing our counter for a couple of weeks now, attracting lots of compliments for its ice cream pastel palette. Suitable for double knit patterns and crochet, these super cute yarns are the perfect introduction to anyone knitting with cotton for the very first time.


Fab Big and Fab Big Colour are also now on our shelves and these super duper chunky yarns will be forming the basis of our beginner’s knitting sessions (see the Classes page above for more information) which kick off in September. Extra chunky wool knits up faster than smaller yarns, so if you’re new to knitting and want to get off to a flying start, this is the stuff for you! Available in a range of bright or subtle colours, there will be more variety coming along in the autumn.


It’s been very popular with everyone since we introduced it back in March, but we’ve just added a few new colours to the chunky cotton Natura XL range, with the dusky pink, soft grey and French navy proving to be just the sort of shades that make knitters go Oooh! Great for chunkier crochet, this yarn is fantastic for baby blankets as the soft cotton is naturally breathable, but also that little bit warmer than the thinner stuff.

With needles and crochet hooks now added to the collection, and more varied colours due for arrival next month, we’re seriously in the mood for getting our knit on. If you’d like to join us for our Friday Knit and Natter sessions from 1pm, we’d love to see what you’re working on. Or if there’s some kind of knitty stock you’d like to see on our shelves, pop in and let us know – we’d love to hear your opinion.

STOP PRESS! Local wools will be joining the Emporia collection soon! Keep your eyes peeled for more news on our Facebook page or via Instagram.


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