We Love Sewing!


Hot off the press today, we’ve just taken our first delivery of Love Sewing magazine! It’s a fantastic addition to our shelves, as it contains a whole host of exciting patterns, creative ideas, interviews and reviews, making it the perfect buy for anyone in need of a little slice of sewing inspiration.


Every month the magazine comes with a free proper paper dressmaking pattern, complete with instructions and guidance on the pattern and inside the magazine itself. Illustrations and photos of the garment give you a good idea of how you can mix it up, with variations on fabric, style and little extras, such as buttons or zip fastenings. A great way to build a pattern collection for a variety of different ability fashions, Love Sewing is a brilliant start for sewing newbies and those who want to try out some new skills with help and advice along the way.


This month you can make yourself a super stylish gilet for a little extra warmth as we head into autumn; make it from slouchy jersey or cotton, or go the extra mile and make it quilted. The pattern comes free with the September edition of the magazine and is printed in sizes 8 – 20, on durable paper, meaning you can make it as many times as you like with ease.


Other dressmaking templates included in the magazine this month are a cord mini skirt, a funky side button t shirt and a classic pair of tailored trousers which should make for some fabulous seasonal additions to your wardrobe.


But it’s not all about making clothes for yourself. This month’s mag shows you how to make an over the shoulder bag, a Loch Ness monster child’s cushion, a dress up nurse’s apron, a tooth fairy cushion, a wall hanging elephant head, and a felt flower cushion amongst other things. All the projects come with templates for tracing or measurements for drawing out, full instructions, plus photos and pictures to ensure you know precisely what to do at every step of the way. Whether you follow the instructions to the letter or go your own way taking the idea as inspiration for your own take on the design is up to you.


Asides from all the projects and ideas for making, there are pattern and book reviews, news on sewing events, masterclasses on trickier skills, interviews with contemporary makers, discounts and offers on fabric and patterns, and competitions to win all kinds of sewing paraphenalia. And if that’s not quite enough, there are also little extra tips on how to read sewing patterns and understand some of the more complicated settings on your sewing machine so if everything seems a bit too complicated when you are just beginning, you will know where to look for help. All in all, this is a great addition to your sewing arsenal.

Love Sewing is now for sale at Emporia priced £5.99.


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