Christmas is Coming …


We know it’s still September and to lots of you the title of this post will giving you the heebie geebies, but it’s true, Christmas is actually coming. In fact it’s 100 days away now, and so to mark the occasion we thought we’d share our fabulous festive fabric that only arrived last week.

Consisting mostly of these gorgeous Scandinavian style designs, the colour palette of red, grey and cream makes for a very simple yet sophisticated range. It features a whole host of traditional shapes and patterns, like reindeer, stars, hearts, missletoe, snowflakes and trees, all designed to recreate that Scandinavian feel for Christmas.


Perfect for making placemats, tree decorations or festive bunting, these simple patterns blend together so well you’ll be forgiven for wanting to get your Christmas on early with this bunch of gorgeous designs.


Who doesn’t love a reindeer? Definitively Scandi, these little chaps are destined to trot all over Christmas stockings and Santa sacks ready to grace the fireplace or the end of the bed come Christmas Eve.


Fancy getting started on a Christmas quilt? This clever design gives you the option of cutting out the picture panels and placing them on a different background, or just making use of the panels as they are and quilting around them once you’ve sewn up the wadding and the backing. It’s not cheating, it’s called being economical with your fabric.


For those that like a little more colour for their Christmas makes, we’ve also got a couple of festive brights in the shape of these lovely prancing reindeer and the cheerful trees.


And if you’re planning on sewing an advent calendar this year, then look no further – we’ve got the panel and the pockets all in one design, on only 60cm of fabric! Easy to follow instructions are also printed on the pattern, so you really can’t go wrong.

Now is the time to start thinking about who’s on your Good list and therefore deserves a gorgeous handmade gift from you this year, or simply how you’d like to decorate your house! We know there’s still plenty of time for Christmas shopping, but Christmas sewing is far more enjoyable.


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