Macmillan Coffee Afternoon at Emporia Tomorrow


Tomorrow is the day when loads of people around the UK will be getting together to drink tea and coffee, eat cake and have a good old natter. None of this is particularly out of the ordinary except that for every drink and slice of cake they take, they will be making a donation to the extremely worthy cause that is Macmillan Cancer Support. Cancer effects everyone these days, whether you have personally been a victim of the disease or know someone who has, so we have decided to get on board the big coffee and cake bonanza and host our very own Macmillan afternoon at Emporia.


Kicking off at 1pm in the afternoon, as opposed to the traditional coffee morning, this allows us to take over the knit and natter session and allow you to indulge in a bit of knitting alongside your cake should you fancy it. Whether you are a keen baker or simply a keen cake eater, there is plenty you can do to get involved:

1 – Turn up! Everyone who comes along on the day can make a donation, no matter how small, into the Macmillan pot and do their bit to help raise awareness and maintain funds. The Macmillan nurses do an invaluable job of supporting both those suffering from cancer and its relevant treatments, as well as those supporting them. They aren’t just there for medical support – they can make the difference between someone being able to pour their heart our and get a break from their worries or having to hold it all in for fear of upsetting their loved ones. They can also provide much needed financial and practical support, which is something many people don’t think about when they contemplate the long term effects of cancer.

2 – Make a donation for a larger amount, not just for your tea and cake. £27.00 could pay for a nurse to spend an hour with a patient who has just been told they have cancer; £61.00 could pay for a nurse to spend half a day with someone, helping them sort out their finances and putting in place a plan to help them make ends meet while they undergo treatment; £71.00 could pay for a Macmillan support centre to be open for an hour, allowing patients and their families and friends to initiate contact with someone who can give advice and support at any stage of cancer related suffering or treatment. But any amount you give matters – and all donations are welcome, small or big.


3 – Make a cake! We need cakes to sell on the day so if you have some spare time this evening or tomorrow morning, and fancy yourself as a bit Mary Berry, we’d be delighted to have your cake-based contributions for sale at the shop. From simple Victoria sponges to a full on Black Forest gateau, muffins and fairy cakes to flapjacks and fondant fancies, we want your cake!

4 – Eat cake. The simplest option (and the one I’m intending to fulfill very heartily) is to pay for and eat the cake that has been very kindly donated by our customers. Take a day off from being good, indulge your passion for butter icing and all things sweet and sticky, and get stuck in. Hand over your cash and make your choice as many times as you can. This is one day of the year when its actually very good for you, and thousands of other people, to throw caution to the wind and consume that cake.

So come along tomorrow and join us from 1pm in raising invaluable funds for Macmillan. We hope to see lots and lots of you there!

If you would like to know more about the Macmillan nurses and the incredible work they do, click here to visit their site.


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