Meet the Staff – Millie

This week we’re having a chat with Millie, our latest addition to the Saturday crew. She’s currently taking her A-levels at Rye Studio School so we’re lucky to have someone young and very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about fabrics working with us.
Who are you and what is your position at Emporia?
My name is Millie and I’m one of the Saturday staff at Emporia.
How is it working out so far? What have you been doing since you started?
I felt I would fit in at Emporia because of my keen passion for textiles, which I hope to pursue in the future. I saw the advert for a position and thought it would be a fun way of learning more about the industry I am interested in. So far I am really liking it – the environment is lovely and I enjoy the jobs I do. Since starting I have been involved in making bunting for a project that is underway. I have also been getting to grips with the shop and the products sold, as well as helping out with some advertisement and making signs for the classes.
What else do you do with your time? Tell us about what you get up to when you’re not at the shop.
I am currently in my final year of college, where I am studying Art, Textiles and Art History, so a lot of my time is devoted to completing college work. My school is also very engaged in getting involved in outside projects; recently I have helped to organise an art exhibition that took place at my school and featured work from artists such as Chantal Joffe, which was really exciting!
What crafts do you like to do? 
I love to paint and draw, but recently I have been focusing on fabric manipulation for a school project. This means I been getting to grips with different sewing techniques. I am hoping to create an exciting outfit from my different sampling. As well as this I have previously made clothing such as dresses, tops and skirts, but I’m still trying to get my head around the finishing of a product, such as overlocking.
Are there any fabrics that have caught your eye so far? Do you have any plans to make anything with them?
I have been admiring many of the fabrics in the shop, including fabric from the nautical collection, which features a paper boat design on a red, blue or white background. I thought the pattern would be complimented with some high-waisted shorts. I am also a fan of the ditsy pink fabric which entails a small simple diamond pattern. I keep picturing culottes when I look at the fabric, which could be a project I take on. I’ve also been thinking of making a tote bag to carry my work in and a few fabrics have caught my eye, such as the cotton reel print.
We’ve got loads of classes taking place this autumn and winter – which ones would inspire you? 
The Aye Aye beginner sessions interest me. I would like to start getting a bit more crafty – especially with Christmas soon approaching!
Are there any crafts you would like to learn? Are there any crafts on sale in the shop that you particularly like?
I would love to start knitting again and try to advance my technique, as I am only familiar with basic knitting, so I may have to invest in some new knitting needles and some funky wool.
Christmas is just around the corner and there are bound to be loads of festive projects on the go with customers and staff. What are you looking forward to making/doing in the shop in the coming months? 
I love the idea of handmade advent calendars, as they are something you can reuse every year, and they can become very sentimental. There are several Christmas prints in the shop that could look effective together that kind of project.

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