KnitPro Now in Stock


Crochet fans and knitters of Ashford rejoice – KnitPro needles and hooks are now on sale at Emporia! From 3.5mm all the way up to massive chunky 12mm, these crochet hooks and knitting needles are massively popular with crafters of all ability, and they come in a range of gorgeous colours to boot. Take a look at these lovelies:


The Waves range of crochet hooks all feature metallic tips and soft touch handles, each one in a different colour according to it’s size, making it much easier to grab in a hurry. These are amazingly popular with crocheters and now we’ve got them in the store just in time for Christmas, you’ve still got plenty of time to get creating and make your friends and family some extra personal gifts. Or, if you know someone who is keen to learn, you can bag them a couple of balls of our Red Heart Detroit DK yarn in scrummy winter colours alongside a crochet hook, and bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a very thoughtful and inspirational gift, ready to hand over.


More knitting needles have also come our way this week, also from the KnitPro peeps – a full range of the Trendz brightly coloured plastic needles are now on sale, again colour coordinated to their size. Start off with bright orange for 4mm and end up with scarlet red for 12mm, there is almost every other colour in between, these are perfect for beginners or knitters who just fancy a change of scene.


We’ve also got our hands on some Zing circular needles too if you prefer to knit in the round. Gorgeous metallic colours come on a range of 40mm and 80mm lengths, perfect for hats, socks, cowls and bigger items like blankets and jumpers too.


Alongside the extra needles, hooks and knitting accessories, we’ve also increased our yarn range and pattern books yet again – check out the oh so delicious super chunky Big Wool from Rowan, which knits up on 10mm needles. We’ve got two books to accompany this luscious wool, and because the designs knit up so quickly, there is plenty of time to get knitting presents for Christmas, or make yourself some toasty hats and scarves in this 100% pure wool product.


Fans of the wibbly wobbly Thick n Thin can now make themselves all kinds of accessories with the Simple Shapes pattern book for just £6.99, and if you love a baby knit, then look no further than the Baby 4Ply Collection also from Rowan, featuring so many squidgy and adorable faces peering out from it’s pages that you might start thinking you need to have a baby, just in order to make it one of these cardigans.


And as if that wasn’t enough to get you in a big old woolly lather just thinking about it, our piece de resistance this week is the super duper extra mega chunky knitting needles coming in at a whopping 20mm and 25mm! These are just amazing pieces of kit, and if the thought of making something with these babies doesn’t make your heart beat a little faster, then you’re clearly not as in devoted to knitting as you should be. Skeptics, we challenge you not to fall in love with these on seeing them in real life.


Prices for the KnitPro products start at £2.50 for a 3mm crochet hook and go up according to size; the Rowan Big Wool is £9.95 for 100g; the Red Heart Detroit which is perfect for crocheting is £1.70 for 100g; the Rowan pattern books are £6.99 – £9.99; and the 25mm needles are £15.00 per pair. Come and see us in the shop and take a look for yourselves!




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