Wishing for a Crafty Christmas?


Yes ladies and gents, it’s that time of year once again. Hold onto your hats, safely stow your sewing kit and put yourself in the brace position, as we take a headlong dive into festivity!


There’s now only six weeks to go until Christmas Day and despite the lights not being switched on and not all of the shops playing Mariah Carey on repeat as yet, we know that across the town people will be waking up, aware of a sneaking suspicion that it is indeed the halfway point of November, which can only mean that December itself is creeping ever closer and that they should really start getting on with buying, planning, prepping, making, etc for the big day itself.


But if you think we’re now going to start suggesting what you could buy for your mum/dad/grandma/nephew/dog then you are sadly mistaken; quite the opposite in fact. We think this is the ideal time to get a little bit selfish and start thinking about what you want to find under your Christmas tree, so with no further ado let us introduce the Emporia Christmas Wist List!

This handy little piece of paper allows you to tell your confused and dithering loved ones precisely what it is you would like for Christmas, whether it’s 2.75 metres of Michael Miller Wee Wonder or a simple bundle of fat quarters from the plains section. Many of us crafty types spend hours cooing over lovely prints and amazing materials throughout the year, never quite able to justify spending the money on them just for the sake of it – so rather than put your energy into hinting or simply willing your other half or your sister to magically know what it is you would like to be indulged with, you can leave a specific list with very specific instructions with us at the shop, so nothing is left to chance.


Simply pop into the shop, take a browse along the shelves and make your mind up about what you would like, then grab a Wish List from the counter and we’ll help you fill it out with enough detail so that your friends and family can shop for you, safe in the knowledge that you do actually want half a metre of each unicorn print fabric we possess. Write your name at the top, and bob’s your uncle – or Emporia is your Father Christmas if you prefer!


You can also cater for a variety of budgets too – a couple of fat quarters will only set someone back five or six pounds, or a crochet hook is less than £3.00; but if someone wants to really go over the top they could fill a gift bag with a selection of beautiful fabrics, luxury wools as well as extras like rotary cutters, fabric rulers, knitting needles, stitch holders and cutting mats.


And it’s not just for the fabrics and the wool, you can also fill out a form requesting one of the beautiful items made by our super talented crafters. Choose from Liberty print birds by Polka Dot Sundays, ceramic designs from R. J. Laurenson, Star Wars print t shirts from Fink Clothing, headscarves from Aye Aye or any of the other clever and creative gifts we have in store. This might be a little more work for your relatives as they might need to contact the crafters themselves or get something made to order if we’ve sold out, but we’re sure they can cope – and the sooner they do it the better, to ensure the makers have enough time to complete your gift. But there’s also the room to be a little more vague too – if you love all the P O L L E N necklaces and really can’t decide which one you would prefer, then let your gift buyer do the deciding. It’s up to you to be as demanding or as subtle as you please!

DSC_0675 (800x532)

So now you can start shopping for other people complete with that lovely warm feeling from knowing that you’ve got some gorgeous gifts coming your way. Yes, Christmas is about giving, but it’s also about being a little self indulgent too. Enjoy!


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