Brushed Cottons and Funky New Prints


This week our fabulous funky brushed cotton finally arrived just in time for our first pyjama making workshop this weekend. Alongside some very cute designs that are destined to keep the legs and bottoms of both children and grownups cosy this month were some extremely delicious cotton prints that we can’t resist sharing with you now. Take a look at all the gorgeousness now on the shelves in the shop and see if how hard it is to resist rushing into town and grabbing some lions or tigers or zebras (oh my!) to make into something comforting and warm.


These are our new super duper brushed cottons: perfect for little and big kids, and dare we say it, even adults. Cute zebras and lions, marching soldiers and nighttime stars, all in lovely soft flannel, on the bolt at £16.00 a metre.

It’s not obligatory to make your pjs out of brushed cotton, you can always go for smooth, cool cotton instead – how about a pair in these funky zebra or leopard print numbers?


Or try something a little more romantic, with these pink and red apples, or some big blooming roses.


It’s not all about pyjamas though. More new prints could be turned into some fantastic creations, as clothing, accessories or homeware. Fans of all things gothic should appreciate these potato print style skulls, available in pink, blue or grey backgrounds.


Red, grey and white make for a bold skull print mix, while the scratchy line drawing version from Michael Miller is ideal for serious statement pieces.


These gold and plain mixes are just wishing the days away until we hit warmer weather – the turquoise would look amazing against tanned skin we think.


Whereas these raindrops are much more appropriate for the current weather, but no less lovely.


And finally we are completely in love with these gorgeous soft grey and mustard gold tigers, peacock feathers and birds. Feast your eyes on how well they all go together! We’re thinking amazing double quilt, making use of some of the gold and taupe stripe too. Just amazing.


If you missed out on this weekend’s pyjama bottom making class, fear not as there is another one coming up soon – book yourself a place on Saturday 27th February and you could be making yourself or a friend a fabulous pair too. 



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