Reversible Dress Pattern Launch


This week we are very, very excited to announce the launch of our first dress pattern! Clair has been working on this beautifully simple and oh so cute little girl’s dress for quite some time now and it’s finally all finished and ready to take home.


Back in May last year, Clair decided that she wanted to create her very own line of dress patterns and this was her first idea: a simple pattern, perfect for beginners that will allow sewers to show off not one but two gorgeous prints in one lovely little dress. Having worked on a prototype and developed it to fit a couple of small children we know, it then went off to be graded and pattern tested.


Once the other sizes were available, we held classes at the shop for people to make their own version under Clair’s tuition, which gave us the chance to take a look at the instructions and make alterations where necessary. Everyone who has attended the class has given us invaluable help in making sure everything was right and ensuring that the long process has been much more enjoyable. So many customers have been asking to buy the pattern for such a long time and we’ve had so many compliments about the dress, that it is really fantastic to finally be able to release it into the wild and give the sewing community the chance to start making their own Emporia Reversible Dresses!


To celebrate the launch we are filling our shop and the window with as many different versions of the dress as we can to show off all the variety of patterns and prints you can use. Classes will still be available for those that need guidance, but for everyone that wants to take it home and sew it themselves, now you can!


The Emporia Reversible Dress pattern is now available to buy from the shop for £8.00, in age 1 – 6. A reversible dress class takes place at 10.30am on Saturday 16th April 2016 – the class costs £45.00, please ring to book or pop in and see us in person to reserve a place.


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