Sew Over It Patterns in Stock


A very exciting package from London arrived this week, containing a whole world of pattern based inspiration – it was a big old box of patterns from the lovely people at Sew Over It!

This time we’ve got the entire collection on the shelves (or table actually) so you can choose from a whole array of exciting patterns, from simple to a little more complicated, including dresses, trousers, blouses and skirts. All of which means you could basically create yourself an entire wardrobe from this fantastic collection. And if you’re still in need of Me Made May inspiration, then check out the entire range and see what tickles your sewing fancy.


Many of you will know that the Sew Over It designs have been inspired by vintage patterns and styles; in fact two of the most famous patterns are named (and inspired) by the leading ladies of the classic Mad Men series. Betty, and the more recent addition, Joan, give you the chance to recreate a little fifties and sixties elegance with your makes, and let you pretend that you’ve spent the day flirting with John Hamm if you feel like it. Where Betty is big and flowy with a full circle skirt and no sleeves, Joan is super sexy and figure hugging, but either way they’re bound to make you feel fabulous; Betty is a super easy make, great for beginner’s, whilst Joan is a little more suited to those with a few more sewing skills.


More old school style comes courtesy of the 1940s Tea Dress, which should make you feel like your great aunt flirting with GIs in the village hall, and the Vintage Shirt Dress which is a little more fifties feeling. Both dresses are a great make for both winter and summer, as you can make it in lighter or heavier weight fabric to suit – terribly elegant as well as being very comfortable, these are a great designs that don’t use up too much fabric and will definitely become a staple part of your wardrobe.


Slightly more modern, but still retaining very classic and timeless elements, the Ultimate Shift Dress and the Ultimate Wrap Dress are both fantastic for beginners.

Tops and Bottoms
Perfect for summer and for layering in colder weather, the Pussy Bow Blouse is all great for the more advanced sewer, and the Ultimate Trousers can be made in so many different fabrics and altered slightly to give you as many pairs as you could possibly need. The Ultimate Pencil Skirt finishes off the collection as the perfect wiggle skirt, just right for sixties style vixens who fancy flaunting their curves.


And finally, coming soon, the brand new Doris Dress, which is simply perfect for summer! A very easy make, this sleeveless, round necked dress with a simple tie waist, is just waiting to be taken on picnics or down to the beach, out to the park or off for a day trip somewhere hot and sunny. Only recently released by Sew Over It, this new pattern is destined to hit the Emporia shelves sometime next week – so keep your eyes peeled!




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