Father’s Day Fabrics


Yes people, Father’s Day is only just over two week’s away so if you fancy making something creative and cool for Dad, then look no further for fabric inspiration! We’ve got a whole range of new prints which arrived this week, just in time to get you thinking about making something for your wonderful dad, whether he’s a gaming nerd, a science geek or a rugged outdoor type.



Science Dad! Is your father the clever sort? Does he do algebraic equations for fun? Perhaps he’s always pottering away in his study, looking at figures, calculations and working out long winded formulas? Then these amazing fabrics are for him – make him a glasses case, somewhere to keep his calculator or go full on for Father’s Day and sew him a lab coat!


Surf Dad! Does your dad love the beach? Is he a real cool surfing dude? Maybe he loves a bit of sailing, or simply strolling along the seafront with the wind in his hair and the sun on his face. With these nautical style prints, you could make him a beach bag, a Hawaiian shirt or a sun hat.


Goth Dad! Is your father a friend of the dark side? Does he love nothing more than watching horror films, reading books about vampires and reminiscing about the days when he could strut about town in his 28″ waist leather trousers and Doc Martens? Go gothic for Father’s Day with these amazing skull prints. Make him a book bag, some gothic pyjama bottoms or perhaps a waistcoat.


Gaming Dad! Does your father love to spend his time sitting in the dark staring at a brightly lit screen, angrily pressing buttons and fighting made up enemies? Or maybe he likes to design innovative new landscapes and buildings, or entire new worlds in a pixelated universe? Then get creative with this Minecraft print! Make him a wash bag, a cushion cover or a messenger bag.



Camping Dad! If your dad loves to spend his time in the great outdoors, camping out under the stars and cooking in the open air, then these cute camping fabrics could be the answer. Why not make him a camping themed quilt to keep him warm by the camp fire, a duffel bag to carry all his camping essentials around in or a passport cover to take on his foreign trips.

Plus, we have loads of other inspiring Dad prints in the shop including the last bit of Star Wars, Captain America style stars, zombies and grown up tweed style patterns. 


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