Amelie Dress Pattern Launch


This week we are very excited to announce the launch of our next Emporia pattern – the Amelie dress!

It’s another little girl’s dress, but this time its designer for a slightly more confident sewer than our fabulously simple reversible dress pattern. It comes with a choice of design elements, either with or without sleeves, making it adaptable for all seasons. The pattern is available in ages 1 – 6, and has been tested out by various sewers in our workshops and by some of our valued regular customers.


And now it’s available for everyone to take home and make themselves! Although it’s a bit more complicated than our first official pattern, we have aimed to keep all our instructions and guidelines as clear and simple as possible, so if you are a very brave newbie, you will still be able to understand everything you’re supposed to do. Clair has never been a big fan of too much jargon when it comes to pattern instructions, so you won’t find the instructions full of complicated terminology – just precise directions and clearly illustrated pictures.


We’re very proud of our second pattern going out into the big wide world, and we’d love to see and hear how you all get on with it – all feedback is welcome as it helps us to make necessary changes and continue developing our patterns until they are as perfect as they can be. So if you’ve made, or are planning to make, an Amelie dress, then please do share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know what you think – we’re excited to see just how many different versions are out there.


But if you don’t have the time or the ability to make your own, we do offer the making up service, as with the reversible dress – just choose your fabric from our fantastic selection, tell us the size you want and we’ll sew it up for you. An Amelie dress made to order costs £38.00, with sleeves or without; the pattern costs £12.00.


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