New Fabrics From Clarke & Clarke


We’re thrilled to announce that we now have some truly beautiful new fabrics from Clarke and Clarke in store! These gorgeous upholstery weight prints arrived at the shop yesterday and we’ve haven’t stopped cooing over them since then. Covered with hares, squirrels, horses. pheasants and leaf prints, they are simply stunning and we can’t wait to see what you clever crafters out there can do with them.


Although the orange may look a touch autumnal (hey, it is July now, so we have to start planning ahead you know), the pale grey and beige version are perfect for all year round. And the warm blue version is just beyond pretty. We’re thinking not just small scale touches like cushions and bolsters, but long, extravagant drapes, and huge Chesterfield style armchairs covered with these magical looking animals. What do you think?


Also, some truly lovely Michael Miller designs arrived in the shop this week, all with a rather cute animal themes. From lizards and snakes to horses and woodland animals, these prints are bright and funky, and we’re rather excited by the more autumnal prints – they would make perfect Amelie dresses with sleeves.


The bright and fun lizards and snakes would be fabulous for little boys shorts, and given how popular our current horse and unicorn prints have been with little (and big) girls recently, these new gallopy designs could be the answer to many small people’s dreams. Just imagine a reversible dress in blue and red horses!


The horse panel has a slightly more sophisticated feel to it, not unlike a designer scarf – more thoughts about what you could make with this one please!


The woodland foxes and rabbits have a definite seventies vibe about them with their brown, mustard yellow and bright purple colour scheme. And who doesn’t love a fox wearing a hat and jumper?


My personal favourite is the nighttime foxes and trees underneath a starry sky and moon – just perfect for little girls’ skirts and dresses, or a beautiful sleepy baby quilt.


All Michael Miller prints are £14.00 a metre, and the new Clarke & Clarke upholstery fabric is 140cm wide, and is also £14.00 a metre – all available in store now.



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