New Fabrics from Makower


We took delivery of some delightful prints the other day, just right for some summer sewing inspiration. With themes of vintage tea parties, old school sewing and some nautical stuff for the kids (or anyone who loves a pirate) there is plenty to feast your eyes on!

Lovely bright summer bunting, and classic combo of tea and biscuits – pink and green go so very well together.



Plus cute, chirpy cherries – the best of all summer fruits and a classic print to boot.


Vintage sewing themes are always very popular – take a look at these gorgeous prints.


Embroidery and all the sewing kit you could possibly need, plus vintage style logos.



Cotton reels and buttons – good old fashioned sewing bliss.


Seaside fun for the little ones comes in the shape of fantastic sea creatures and pirates!

Fancy piratical bunting! Perfect for those pirate obsessed children’s parties.


And if you’ve had enough of asking your kids to tidy their bedrooms over the summer holidays, this could be the answer – a pirate pocket panel!


All Makower prints featured today are £12.50 a metre, available from the shop now.


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