Witches, Wizards, Spiders and Skulls


October is here and Halloween is just around the corner, so this week we’re gearing up for our witchy themed window by showcasing our fabulous Halloween printed fabrics. If you’re planning on making costumes for yourselves or little ones, have some avid Harry Potter fans in your house or simply love a spooky print, you will definitely need some of these amazing fabrics in your life this autumn.


Nothing says Halloween more than spiders and bats, and these super spooky yet super cute little chaps are ideal for kids’ makes – try making some Trick or Treat bags with one of these, and line it with lime green or bright orange for a fantastic contrast. Check out the Amelie dress made up in the bat fabric in the window soon – it’s lovely beyond words.


These beautiful spider web prints are so delicate they could almost be lace. Clair has already been making good use of both of them, making them into a kimono dress and an A-line skirt for the window, and they look amazing! But you’ll have to wait until next week to see them in person …


These adverts for various witch and wizardy style products are brilliant too – designed in an old school newsprint style, they are perfect for anyone with a penchant for unconventional Halloween prints. They’re a bit more subtle than your standard scary monsters and zombies; plus they’re perfect for anyone who loves Harry Potter as they are really very reminiscent of adverts for the shops on Diagon Alley in the Daily Prophet. Bags, cushions, curtains, blinds, quilts – all just the thing if you spend your night dreaming of receiving your Hogwarts acceptance letter by owl.


In the same style as the advert prints are the poison skull symbols – in spooky purple and vibrant green – these would make some fantastically spooky pencil cases or more sophisticated Trick or Treat bags for older gothic-loving kids. Or you could go all out and make a full skirted dress for a Halloween party perhaps. So many  wonderful yet spooktacular Halloween options! (I am planning on making some knitting needle and crochet cases out of these, because I can then pretend they’re actually wand cases.)

We’ve also got appropriately spooky colours of wool in bright orange, zingy green, purple and grey if you fancy knitting or crocheting a mummy, some pumpkins or knitting a Halloween jumper.

All our Halloween prints are available in the shop now, priced £14.50 a metre – the mixed plains are £6.50 a metre.


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