Christmas Fabric in Stock


We all know it’s coming, in fact some very well prepared people have been planning for this year since last year, but we know that for other people, even acknowledging that it’s getting closer can send them into a blind panic – so out of respect for those people and the fact that we aren’t even past Halloween yet, we’ll whisper it: Christmas fabric is now in stock at the shop. Shhhhh….

(And for those that are too excited for words that we are only 11 weeks from the big day itself, we say: Yay! Christmas fabric is in stock! Woop woop!)

Take a look at all these truly delicious festive prints and imagine what delights you could create with them:


This year we have three different styles: a traditional Scandi style collection, featuring reindeer, trees, hearts, stars and snowflakes in soft red, cream and grey; perfect for children and those that love penguins and polar bears, these cutesy icey scenes of skiing and snow will capture plenty of hearts; and finally our brights collection is just that – full of funky designs for a more modern take on the festive period, printed in super cool bright pink, turquoise, green and orange.


Obvious suggestions spring to mind such as stockings, Santa sacks, table runners and place mats, but what about sewing up some truly festive pyjama bottoms in the presents print, or with Rudolph’s head and shiny nose all over them? Clair is planning to make herself a kimono dress out of the bright stars on navy, so why not think outside the box and create some more festive outfits for yourself or your family.


Last year we had several orders for the Amelie dress in the more traditional Scandi style prints and they looked insanely beautiful, just perfect for little girls who would love to open a swishy dress to wear on Christmas Day. But boys needn’t be left out – we think the snowflakes or hearts would make simply adorable waistcoats for the festive period. Or just imagine a one year old in a reversible dress covered in skiing penguins!


If inspiration is not striking just yet or if you just fancy an easy life (quite frankly, who doesn’t?), then look no further than the pre-printed designs. Whether you want to make big stockings for hanging over the fireplace, tiny stocking bunting or simply knock up an advent calendar that you can use year after year, these fabulous prints take some of the hard work out of the process. The brights quilt panel could be turned into just that, a snuggly Christmas quilt, or you could create table runners or mats out of the paneled sections too. And who knows, while you busy sewing up one of these numbers, you may suddenly be struck by the perfect set of festive makes to get going with next.


All our new season Christmas fabric is currently in stock and available to buy at £12.50 a metre. Pop into the shop for a closer look or phone us on 01233 612278 to ask us a question. And don’t forget, Christmas is only 79 days away …(Sorry!)



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