October Bloggers Day


Today we participated in another Park Mall Blogger’s Day as organised by the wonderful Kate of Happy & Glorious. Several of the independent shops took part once again, and we were delighted to see a whole new crowd of local and Kent based bloggers come and visit us to spread the word about what we’re up to in this small corner of the world.


Everyone gathered at Stag coffee shop first thing as Freddie (one of the owners) talked a bit about some of the exciting events planned we have coming up and Kate gave a brief rundown of the details of the day. With several activities taking place in different locations, the bloggers had a good chance to spend time talking to the owners and exploring the shops and the things they sell. Back to the shop and our first visitor of the day was Laura of Any Something who popped in for a browse and chat about all things sewing, knitting and crochet. Sadly she didn’t have time to stay for a workshop but she was very keen to come back another day to maybe take a class and get some more sewing inspiration.


Just to keep things interesting this time around we decided that we would host a couple of workshops for the bloggers so that they could get a small taste of the kinds of things we get up to when we take classes, and of the general crafty nature of the shop. Clair showed everyone how to make their own woodland inspired felt badges, with a choice of toadstool, badger or fox, and I demonstrated how to knit coasters to allow you to create a cosy autumnal feel in your home.


Inside Martyn’s Thoughts and Midwife and Life undertook the task of getting to grips with the knitted coasters and did a sterling job – creating a simple and squishy drinks mat that can be embroidered with extra decorative motifs or replicated to create a series to scatter throughout your house, wherever a hot beverage may end up coming to rest. Everyone else opted to sew up some gorgeous foxes, with Innocent Charms Chats choosing to make a very cute little badger brooch. Much laughter ensued throughout the session as all the bloggers chatted with us about their blogs, what they write about and how much they enjoyed undertaking a crafty session with us. And it was a real pleasure to see three men (three!) sewing and knitting in the shop, proving that blokes can be just as crafty when they want to be.


Over at Happy & Glorious Kate hosted a papercraft workshop, where the bloggers could make their very own paper succulent in a sweet little terracotta plant pot. Not wishing to be left out of the proceeding Clair and I had a go at our own versions too – and we thoroughly enjoyed the chance to take part in a completely different craft, just for a change of scene.


It was a really busy day, but good fun – if you’re a blogger on the lookout for some interesting events in Ashford, then keep your eyes peeled for the next bloggers days!


One thought on “October Bloggers Day

  1. I had the best time and really can’t wait to come back, the shop is beautiful and a true credit to you both xx

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