Getting Ready for Wealden Times Midwinter Fair


This week we have been prepping like crazy for the biggest show Emporia has ever taken part in – The Wealden Times Midwinter Fair! This time next week we will have been in resident at the Hop Farm showground for two days already, and about to embark on a third.


Asides from a massive amount of planning, writing lists and general organising and discussing, we have of course been sewing like mad things; Clair spent the vast majority of the week sewing tiny sleeves into tiny armholes and wondering if she needs to get her eyes tested again. She’s created a beautiful range of seasonally themed Amelie dresses and reversible dresses to sell at the show, and consequently the whole work area has been completely taken over by pattern pieces and machines set up with various coloured threads, so that she can swap from one project to the next at a moment’s notice.  It’s basically like a Brans Hatch pit stop, but with sewing instead of racing cars.


Asides from all the lovely dresses, we’ll be relaunching the Amelie dress pattern, introducing some new sewing kits, and launching a brand new pattern all at the Wealden Times – plus, there will be some exciting exclusive offers for everyone who drops by our stand. We’re very excited to be going and it definitely signals the start of the festive season – I imagine we’ll both take the chance to explore the rest of the fair and maybe bag a few Christmas presents while we ‘re there.


We’ll be joined by a whole load of other fantastic British based businesses selling all kinds of delightful goods, and in fact one of our Wealden Times neighbours will be our real life Park Mall neighbour Happy & Glorious! From clothing and kid’s toys, to homewares, jewellery and unusual stationery, there is set to be a plethora of unusual and luxurious goods on sale, alongside a delicious range of foodstuffs in the Street Food Cafe and the tea room. So if you fancy popping along and getting your festive spree on, head to the Wealden Times Midwinter Fair website to pre-book tickets or pay on the door on the day.

The Wealden Times Midwinter Fair 2016 takes place from 9am – 4.30pm Thursday 17th, Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November and we will be located at stand G34, diagonally opposite the ticket office. We hope to see you there!


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