Iris Top Pattern Release

charlotte iris small

And we’re back! We know we’ve been a bit quiet on the blog of late, but that’s only because we’ve been super busy beavering away under the surface – creating, researching, planning and generally getting up to sewing stuff that will eventually hit the shelves of Emporia. And now we are finally ready to release our very next pattern! Hurrah!

This is Iris – a casual top that is a perfect sew for any beginners and of course more experienced sewers too. She features two long bust darts, placed at the neck; split side hems, three-quarter length sleeves, and two fabulous ruffles on the shoulders. It also comes with an alternative sleeve variation – the summery, breezy flutter sleeve. What’s not to love!

While the ruffle sleeve version is cool and on trend, the flutter sleeve is softer and more romantic; the three-quarter length sleeve works well for autumn, and the shorter sleeve is great for summer; we think the ruffle Iris looks fabulous in crisp cotton, but the softer flutter sleeve is just perfect for fabrics with more drape. And there’s also the option of making it with no sleeves at all, and simply binding your edges with bias instead. Just right as a cami for hot weather. We are sure it’s destined to be a big hit.

But the best thing about this new pattern is that it’s available in sizes 6 to 24! This is the very first time we have expanded our sewing pattern range both up and down that far, and we are very excited about this. It’s come to our attention recently that the sewing world could be a lot more inclusive than it is and we feel that we need to represent more sizes with our patterns, so over the coming months we will be looking to regrade our current patterns into a larger range of sizes so that we can represent both larger and smaller sewing fans. We hope this is good news for our sewing community!

Thinking of sewing one up for yourself soon? Well, you only have to wait just over a week as Iris is released on the website on Monday 26th August, and will be available on the shelves of the shop on Tuesday 27th. 


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