Fathers’ Day at Emporia


There’s only a couple of weeks left before you have to come up with some brilliant idea of what you can buy your old man to make him feel special on Fathers’ Day. Buying presents for most men is always an uphill struggle as they claim to want nothing more than to be left alone in the shed with some beer/watch the football with some beer/pretend to be someone from the Lord of the Rings or an SAS type on the X-Box, with some beer etc. But fear not – we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you give Dad the kind of treats he deserves for putting up with you and your siblings.


You may not think that a crafty shop is the obvious place to buy manly gifts, but you would be wrong. What spectacle wearing father could be disappointed in a delightful glasses case decorated with anchors? Especially if he is a nautical type. We’ve also got notebooks covered with these rather dapper gentlemen – perfect for keeping track of who’s in which round of the World Cup, or taking notes on the beers he likes and doesn’t like from a real ale festival.


For those that want to get crafting and make their dads a present with their own fair hands, look no further than the vintage patterns box. Check out these cool dudes and their funky flares! Make him a full three piece suit if you are feeling adventurous, or just opt for a crazy tie for him to show off at work. There’s nothing dads like more than strutting their stuff in something made by their creative children, especially in the office – although if he work’s somewhere quite conservative, I would steer clear of some of the more adventurous prints, unless he really likes getting attention.

And if all of those look a bit too much like hard work, you could always make him a sophisticated smoking jacket style dressing gown, or what about a snazzy pair of summer pyjama bottoms from some of our funky fabrics.


For dads that like to keep things simple, we have a full range of plain coloured cotton at £6.50 a metre, or there are the subtle dice pattern prints from Makower at £12.00 a metre. And for those that like their music, take a look at the guitar and musical note fabrics from Makower at £11.00 a metre.


And if your dad is one to make a statement with his clothing, no matter what time of day or night, these bright and bold prints of glasses and cameras (Michael Miller), cassette tapes and records (Riley Blake) at £14.00 will make some of the funkiest pyjamas around.


For inspiration on making your own pattern for Fathers’ Day pyjama bottoms, take a look at this link which talks you through the basics of self design. Or you could always simply make up a pattern from a pair he already owns. Either way he is sure to be touched that you wanted to give him something hand made to tell him how fab he really is.


Aye Aye Summer Dresses – Big and Small!


If you have been lusting after the delightful Aye Aye dresses for babies and little girls for a while, and wondering why you can’t get something just as fabulous for your older girls or yourself, then you are in luck. Lovely Melissa from Aye Aye is now making dresses to order in any of our delicious Emporia fabrics for all ages and sizes. Take a look!


Making the perfect dress for summer, you can wear it to the beach, the park, in the garden, out to dinner or perhaps to inspire you with a little bit of self sewing. And if you fancy going a little bit Mini Me, you and you daughter can have matching dresses in the same fabrics – now which five year old doesn’t love a bit of dressing like Mummy? (You may have noticed the photo of Clair on Facebook from the other day, which fits both her and the baby!)


You can choose from a sundress, a maxi dress or a circle skirt, and the dresses come with your choice of either thick straps or spaghetti straps. You can have it any of the fabrics we have in store including Michael Miller, Riley Blake, Makower and Copenhagen Print Factory. Big funky prints, bright colourful florals, neat geometric shapes or small subtle details, anything you can see on the shelves can be made up into beautiful creations for you or your little ones.


Prices for the children’s dresses are £30.00 for 0-3 months up to 3 years, and £35.00 for over 3 up to 10-11 years. For the adult version, there are two price bands depending on fabric.                   

Band A   (Makower)        
Sundress – £55.00 
Maxi dress – £65.00
Circle skirt – £58.00
Band B (Michael Miller/Riley Blake/Copenhagen Print Factory)
Sundress – £60.00
Maxi dress – £75.00
Circle skirt – £65.00

For more information, or to order a dress or skirt, give us a ring on 01233 612278, email emporia.market@gmail.com, or pop into the shop for a chat.

Funky Fabrics and Beautiful Buttons


Well, put on your sunglasses and wheel your sewing machine into the garden – it seems that spring is here at last! (Or it was yesterday at least.) It’s only just over a month until Easter and the clocks go forward in just three weeks’ time, so we at Emporia are starting to get a quite excited by the prospect of longer days, sunny afternoons and more opportunity to sew in natural daylight – it’s time to put away your headtorches and angle lamps, ladies and gents, and get all the brightness you need from our latest arrivals in the store.


We’ve had some fantastic new stock come into the shop over the past week or so, and it’s all simply perfect for brightening up these early spring days and putting a bit of sunshine in your sewing. First up, this simply amazing Riley Blake neon bright cassette tape print just screams summer with its good old fashioned 90s retro theme; it’s also spot on for anyone who actually remembers using these old school recording devices – taping the Top 40 on the radio, whilst trying to edit out the DJs anyone? No? Just us then.


Speaking of old school, fans of funky prints can also get excited about these Michael Miller printed spectacles in yet more brights called 20/20, while the elephants (Romp, also by Michael Miller) are feeling the zingy colours of spring in turquoise, purple, lime and orange.


Kids’ prints are always useful around Easter if you fancy a spot of chick themed sewing, or some delightful jungle themed line drawn animals in bright, bright blue.


Asides from all our delicious new fabrics, the newly stocked button table is full to bursting with loads of lovely colours, designs and pictures all waiting to be oohed and ahhed over by you. Giant red anchors, tiny green flower shapes, dinky trains and boats, yellow and orange polka dots, and wooden butterflies are just some of the beautiful buttons we’ve got on sale to accompany yet more ribbons and trimmings in a rainbow of colours and themes.


What more excuse do you need to come in and have a good old butchers at all our lovely new things? None! we hear you cry, so roll on springtime!