Saturday Manager Vacancy


We’re hiring! Sadly, our lovely Saturday Manager Raquel is leaving us this spring and we are now on the look out for a replacement. She has been with us since October 2015 and has made a big impact on our weekend customers and we’re very sad to see her go, but with all things in life, we must move on and this means we are now looking to find the next member of the Emporia gang. If you are a big sewing fan, are free on Saturdays and would love to work with us, then read on …

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Since Raquel joined us over two years ago we have expanded our shop quite significantly; we had only just moved into the new premises in Park Mall in July 2015, and now we’ve been here for two and half years and are well and truly settled in. Back then we only had cottons and a few jerseys, and now we stock an even wider range of cottons, poplins, lawn, jersey, felt, velvet, wool, organza, chiffon, sequins, lace, fur, brushed cotton, canvas, net and oil cloth. We also introduced the Brother sewing machines in January 2017 and are now selling sewing, embroidery and overlocker machines. Clair has been super busy over the last two years designing patterns, so we now have ten Emporia patterns alongside our other independent dress patterns. And we have a much larger selection of wools and knitting too. So things have changed a great deal since the old days of the tiny shop!

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Now we are looking for a seriously passionate sewist who would love to join our team; if you are free on Saturdays (and some Sundays), keen to showcase your amazing customer service and would love to get involved with helping out with our patterns, then head to the vacancy page and see how you can join our gang!

Application forms are available from the shop – the closing date for the Saturday Manager job is Saturday 17th March 2018.



Meet the Staff – Katie


Many of you will remember that we posted an advertisement for new staff on the blog a few weeks ago and some of you may have applied for the positions yourself. Well now the wait is over and we’re ready to introduce to you some of our lovely new Emporia employees!

This week we’re chatting to the very lovely Katie who has just finished her A levels and is looking to get some experience in the real world before she heads off to university next September. She has a passion for colour and all things bright, and we think she’ll fit in just fine here.

Who are you and what is your position at Emporia?
My name is Katie, I’ve just finished school and now I’m working as a sales assistant at Emporia.

When did you start?
I started working at the shop on 8th October, less than a week after I returned home after backpacking through North India and Nepal, so there was no time to rest – straight into a new job and so far I love it!

What made you think you would fit in at Emporia? What have you been doing since you started?
From a young age I have always been creative, whether it be drawing, painting or making things – I joined ‘sewing club’ in primary school and haven’t stopped stitching since! Emporia is a lovely place to work as everyone is so passionate about crafts, making it a wonderful environment to be in with like-minded, arty people. So far, I’ve been familiarising myself with the products and getting to grips with how Emporia functions so I’m learning a lot as well as painting a lot for the new window display. There’s always something to be done and I love to be busy.

What else do you do with your time? Do you have another job, go to college or look after kids? 
I spend most days at Emporia but when I finish, I spend my evenings tutoring English and Spanish to children from primary school up to GCSE level. They’re great subjects to tutor as they both involve lots of discussions and imagination. In my free time, I do henna tattooing and I also love music so try to go to a concert once a month – this month is U2!


Which crafts do you like to do? Tell us about something you’ve made recently that you’re proud of.
I’m more of a sewer than a knitter, and I like sketching from time to time. I’m currently trying to improve my watercolour technique so we’ll have to wait to see if I’m improving. My most recent creation is a door stop I made for my mum, getting out the sewing machine whenever I was home alone so it would be a surprise. It’s lovely to be able to make something that is useful as well as decorative.

Are there any fabrics in the shop that have caught your eye? 
There are some beautiful floral fabrics and I want to have a go at making some sort of garment with them. With winter coming, everything in the shops seem to be dark and dull so I want to go against the high street and make something bright and different for this season. I’m yet to make a pair of trousers from scratch so maybe I need to challenge myself and be more adventurous with my sewing.

Are there any crafts you would like to learn?
The circle skirt class has inspired me to improve my sewing using patterns as I’ve made my own in the past but only for very simple designs. There are some vintage patterns on sale for a shift dress which I am keen to try, perhaps this is the perfect time to make a Christmas present for my mum who still loves receiving handmade gifts.

Christmas is just around the corner and there are bound to be loads of festive projects on the go with customers and staff. What are you looking forward to making/doing in the shop in the coming months?
Decorating the shop and helping customers choose various fabrics and crafty components will be great fun and I can’t wait to get involved with Christmas workshops and classes going on at Emporia. I’m looking forward to making decorations myself and getting creative with everything to do with Christmas!

Thanks Katie, we’re super pleased you’ve decided to come and work with us in our lovely new shop, and we’re sure you’ll be a very welcome addition to the staff. So if you’re in the shop and see a face you’ve not met before, say hello and have a chat with Katie about what you’re planning on making with your Emporia purchases.

Coming soon – meet the other new members of the team!

We’re Recruiting!


In a couple of weeks we are waving goodbye to our lovely Saturday girl Olivia who is off to university in Lincoln to study Art, and what with us having moved to our super duper big shop back in July, we’ve decided we need more staff to help us run the place. So as of right now, we are officially recruiting two new members of staff.

If you’ve ever fancied working with us, spending the day dealing with all our beautiful fabrics and wools, then now is your chance! We’ve just opened the application process on two separate permanent roles – a part-time sales assistant and a Saturday position – so if you or someone you know thinks they’ve got what it takes, send them our way soon.

For both positions we’re looking for someone who is passionate about craft, is either a keen sewer or wants to learn, has buckets of enthusiasm for selling our gorgeous fabrics and fits in well with the team. Whether you’ve worked in a shop before or not, if you’d love the opportunity of helping our customers choose fabrics, wool and haberdashery; want to join us in being really excited to see a big box of new season prints arrive; or find just the right crafty gift for a frazzled shopper, then we wat to hear from you. We’ve got a whole load more information about the roles up on the (new!) Vacancies page, so pop over there and take a look to see if you fit the bill.

Both positions are due to commence as soon as possible, and the closing date for the applications ends on Wednesday 16th September 2015.