New Collections from Makower


A very exciting couple of parcels arrived at the shop this week, containing our very first proper delivery of new fabrics for 2016. Following on from our visit to a very chilly Henley back in November, we were thrilled to rip open the packing tape and get our hands on some of the brand new collections that we order a couple of months ago; some of them may seem a little summery for this wintry weather we’re having right now, but there’s nothing like looking forward to spring and warmer days to inspire you for your first makes of the year.


Including a gorgeous range of ever popular nautical designs, fresh spring colours, funky new polka dots and Scandi style florals, we’re sure there are plenty of prints here that will spark your sewing imaginations.


We simply cannot get enough of the beautiful seaside and nautical inspired collection: sea shells, star fish, beach huts, sail boats, signal flags and life belts, all come together in bright red, soft blues and greys, French navy and linen cream to create these luscious designs. Alongside the standard prints, there are also pre-printed bunting outlines and a panel of beach huts, which are just perfect for super easy and quick makes.


Clair has already created this lovely lap quilt, backed with the pretty star fish in navy and cream.


Already thinking about jetting off to foreign climes for a little hot weather break? Take a look at the vacation collection for some holiday inspiration – vintage style illustrations of mopeds, sunglasses, passports and stylish ladies are all printed in sunny greens, corals and blues, with hints of red and orange. The airmail stamps are the ideal extra to add to this quirky mix.


More spring colours and cute designs come courtesy of the rabbits and pandas in pink and green; pair them with their matching pixel square prints for a gorgeous, fresh take on baby quilts and clothing for little people.


These amazing Scandinavian style big print floral designs and their leaf counterparts are just crying out to be used in all sorts of creative ways. Little girls dresses, bags, culottes, funky quilts, cushions, bunting – the list just goes on and on. We can’t wait to see what you lot come up with for these prints.


The final new collection is a fabulous range of giant polka dots which will blend with all the other new collections is just the icing on the cake. Take a look at all these beautiful colours and we are sure you’ll instantly fall in love with at least three of them.

And if you’re on the look out for some more wintry style fabrics, fear not – our long awaited selection of brushed cottons are on the way soon! Perfect for using in our pyjama bottoms workshops on Saturday 30th January, these will be making a big impact on the shop, so keep your eyes peeled for news of more exciting deliveries!

Feeling Nautical


With only two more weeks until the school holidays hit and the weather continuing (most of the time) to be warm, sunny and properly summery, it’s only natural that we start to get more and more distracted by thoughts of the seaside. Ice creams, crashing waves, circling seagulls in the sky, and the distant sight of boats on the horizon – nothing feels more like a proper British summer than a day at the beach, whether you prefer a pebbly walk or sand between your toes. So with that in mind we thought we would share with you some brand new nautical arrivals to get you in the mood for a little seaside sewing.

Go old school with your nautical as these dinky little anchors and lifebelts come in patriotic red and blue with white accents.


Simple paper boats come in the same retro style colour scheme, perfect for making shorts for little ones, or bigger ones. Imagines striding through the sand or jumping waves wearing these seaside inspired prints!


Other nautical designs we’ve still got in stock, include these lovely little bucket and spade wielding children – gorgeous for a beach bag or some summery curtains.



How about these simple and serene sail boats? There’s only a small amount left, if you want to get your hands on this, let us know asap!



Bright multi coloured birds evoke the feel of the seaside perfectly – all you need know is some fish and chips to go with it.


Plenty more new arrivals are heading to the shop in the coming weeks, so do pop by and visit us to see what’s just been delivered.

STOP PRESS! We have a very exciting announcement due next week, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground to find out just what Emporia has been secretly getting up to … We can’t wait to let you in on the big news!

Guterman Fabrics


A couple of weeks ago we received a massive order from the fabric company Guterman which included an entire range of prints that are just perfect for the spring and summer months: gorgeous greys, soft pinks and cool navy are now taking over the unit in the corner of the shop and just waiting to be transformed into something wonderful by you clever creatives out there.

The range is entitled Long Island, evoking nautical themes and bright summer days; printed onto super wide fabrics, these designs are spot on for homewares, quilts and clothing due to the extra length you get. Take a look at these delightful prints and let us know what you think you could make with them. We’ve already sold some for bedding accessories, a couple of metres for a summer dress and smaller amounts for a quilt topper, so get your creative brains a buzzing and see what you could do.


Cute little stars with contrasting centres and tiny leave patterns reminiscent of Orla Kierly’s designs would be fantastic for children’s and grownup’s pyjamas.


Big florals on clean grey, navy and pink backgrounds would look fabulous on swishy circle-skirt style fifties dresses, while the smaller flowers and birds print would make an excellent pair of loose summer trousers.


Nautical rope prints and swooping curves make for lovely contrast prints on quilts and patchwork items, or for those that love a bit of pattern matching, how about some fresh and simple a line skirts?


Big, bright complex floral designs and all over baroque style prints are just crying out to be made into cushions and pillows or bedding accessories; feel like those prints shouldn’t be hidden away in the house? How about a summer tote bag or maybe a big beach bag? There’s plenty of room for summery ideas with this lot.

And these pics are just a snippet of what we’ve got in the shop – pop in and take a look for yourself at the diamond patterns, big nautical stripes, dinky little crosses, miniature flower designs and chandelier style lines which also feature in the range.

Patchwork Mini Quilts


Anyone feeling inspired by the Beginners Patchwork course due to take place in August? Lotte Jamieson certainly is, as only this morning she delivered a little bundle of cute, cuddly mini patchwork quilts to the shop. Made from a selection of some of our most gorgeous fabrics, these quilts are perfectly proportioned for little people and anyone who loves things in miniature.

Inspired by her daughter’s desire to drag her bed quilt around with her, Lotte’s  mini quilts are small enough to stuff in a changing bag or bung in the bottom of a buggy without taking up too much room. Plus they are backed with fleece rather than cotton, which not only makes them warmer in colder weather, but also infinitely more snuggly. Great for wrapping up bears or dolls, putting over your head and playing boo, or just plain old cuddling with, these quirky little patchwork pieces come in a variety of different themed colours and patterns, made with modern simple styles which allow the beautiful designs to be the centre of attention.


Fresh yellows and turquoises complement the soft purples of this dreamy horse riding landscape – if your little one loves the idea of galloping through meadows in their sleep, this could be just the thing to send them off to bed with.


Bright orange, purple, green and chocolate brown make for an autumnal mix, alongside the cute squirrel, birds and leaf patterns in this vibrant square and rectangle quilt. A bit funky and seventies feeling, kids whose parents are old enough to remember the last time these colours were fashionable will love these retro prints.


Piratical types will keen to get their hands on the sailor style mini quilt, which features boats, stripes, stars and all things nautical – mixing up large and small panels, this one is backed with a dense navy blue fleece, making it perfect for seaside themed bedrooms or kids who want to captain their own ships.


Smaller patterns and a softer, more delicate colour palette come together in this bird and flower themed mini quilt – pale greens with ditsy roses, pale pink stripes and floaty bird silhouettes make for a serene design. Perfect for mini princesses with a love of all things pretty.

There are only a few of the mini quilts available in Emporia right now, but we know that Lotte has plans for more, so if you would like to get your hands on one, but are desperate for it to feature a particular fabric, we’re sure she would be happy to oblige. All mini quilts are £23.00 – for more information or to order your own quilt, pop into the shop or give us a ring on 01233 612278.

Summer at the Seaside


The sun is shining at last (hurray!) and this week all we can think about is going to the seaside. The cool breeze, the sound of the waves and the seagulls, the feel of the sand between our toes and the lure of the ice cream. Sadly the sun will probably have gone by the weekend when we can actually make it down to the beach, but at least we can enjoy thinking about it all now. So to that end, we’ve gone and found all the lovely nautical stuff we’ve got in the shop so you can share in our seaside obsession.


First up is of course our selection of amazing fabrics – reds, whites, blues, spots, stripes and more. The beach huts and sailboats are delightfully retro, and the anchors are perfectly jaunty. You can also capture the spirit of the sea with these fantastic seagull and bird prints, which would make for beautiful sundresses, skirts or how about a pair of sailor style culottes? All inspired by the sea and just waiting to be transformed into a special summer make, all prints are between £11.00 – £14.00 a metre.


If you want nautical themed trimmings to adorn your beachy creations, we’ve got these fabulous large red anchor buttons, and the large transparent coloured four-hole buttons for 60p each, which look delicious enough to eat. (But please don’t eat them, no matter how much you are tempted!) Plus, the tiny black and white anchor buttons are perfect for adding a nautical accent for those that don’t want to go too over the top. You can also finish off your sewing with these simple ribbons to make a rosette, a bow or even just as edging. Perfect for accenting colours in your chosen fabric or as a contrast, they are 90p per metre each.


And if you are looking for seaside themed gifts (don’t forget Fathers’ Day is this weekend) then check out this haul of beauties:


Both seaside themed bags are £15.00, the mini pirate coloured bunting is £6.00, the glasses cases are £5.00 each and the lighthouse print is £15.00. And if you are really going all out with the nautical stuff this summer, then why not get the kids on board too, with this super cute anchor and stripe dress from Aye Aye (who else?) for £15.00.


There’s plenty more seaside inspired loveliness going down at the shop, so if you can’t make it to the beach this week, haul anchor and make the beach come to you with some nautical sewing. Aye aye, Cap’n!