Knitting Classes for the Autumn


Despite the lovely hot weather of last week the first signs of autumn are already here – leaves turning red, getting dark by half seven and chilly misty mornings. All of which means only one thing to me – it’s time to get some serious knitting on. (Obviously those who know me well are perfectly aware that I knit all year round, but you get the gist.) So without further ado let’s get stuck into the new autumn knitting class list and see if I can’t inspire your knitting mojo.


Beginner’s Knitting
Have you wanted to learn how to knit for ages and ages and just haven’t quite managed it? Do you spend hours scrolling on Pinterest looking at all things wool and knitty related? Have you not managed to find any YouTube videos that actually show you how to knit instead of banging on about the kinds of wool they are using and holding their needles in the way of the camera? Then come and learn from me! I can teach you the very basic stuff that will set you out on the pathway to a lifetime of simple knitting pleasure. We will work with lovely chunky wool and big needles so it’s easier to see what you’re doing, plus it knits up much more quickly than the skinny stuff.

From casting on and knit stitch, to purl and casting off, we’ll knit some sample squares before starting you off on a simple cowl or scarf to take home and finish with your new found skills. Used to knit at school and need a refresher? This class is also great for those that want to revitalise old knowledge. The class costs £30.00 per person and includes a ball of yarn and a pair of needles.


Knit a Winter Hat
Learnt the basics of knitting, but haven’t progressed beyond square or rectangular things like scarves or cowls? Maybe you’ve just mastered the beginner’s techniques but want to get cracking straight away with something a little more challenging? Then this is the class for you. Using 15mm needles – even chunkier than our beginner’s session ones – we’ll knit up a super soft and super cosy winter bobble hat just in time for the colder weather. In this class you’ll be using knit and purl stitches to create rib, work in stocking stitch and learn how to shape your knitting with decreases. Plus, you get to make a fabulous giant pom pom to put on the top! Bonus. The class costs £32.00 and includes enough wool to make the hat and pom pom, plus needles.


Cable Wristwarmers
If you’ve been knitting for a while and love the look of cables, but have never had the confidence to try them, then now is the time. This is a class for knitters who are pretty confident with their knit and purl stitches, and can work on skinnier needles as we will be using a gorgeous alpaca blend that knits up on 4.5mm needles. Using rib, stocking and reverse stocking stitch, you have the choice of making a pair of beautifully soft cable wristwarmers in either small, medium or large size, so you can keep them for yourself to wear this winter or give as a gift, perhaps for Christmas. And if you’re feeling confident, you can ratchet up the skill level by adding in more detail with a stripe of stocking stitch in between the cables.  Cables tend to look much more complicated than they actually are to knit, so why not conquer your fear and beat the cables at the own game, and get to work with some truly beautiful wool at the same time? The class costs £40.00 per person and includes enough wool to make a pair of wristwarmers, 4.5mm needles and a cable needle.

The first knitting classes to take place this autumn on these dates:

Beginner’s Knitting – 2.30pm – 4.30pm Saturday 24th September – still spaces on this weekend’s class!
Knit a Winter Hat – 2pm – 4.30pm Friday 30th September
Cable Wristwarmers – 11am – 1pm Friday 21st October 

For a full list of classes, times and dates, please click on the Classes page at the top of the blog.