Summer at the Seaside


The sun is shining at last (hurray!) and this week all we can think about is going to the seaside. The cool breeze, the sound of the waves and the seagulls, the feel of the sand between our toes and the lure of the ice cream. Sadly the sun will probably have gone by the weekend when we can actually make it down to the beach, but at least we can enjoy thinking about it all now. So to that end, we’ve gone and found all the lovely nautical stuff we’ve got in the shop so you can share in our seaside obsession.


First up is of course our selection of amazing fabrics – reds, whites, blues, spots, stripes and more. The beach huts and sailboats are delightfully retro, and the anchors are perfectly jaunty. You can also capture the spirit of the sea with these fantastic seagull and bird prints, which would make for beautiful sundresses, skirts or how about a pair of sailor style culottes? All inspired by the sea and just waiting to be transformed into a special summer make, all prints are between £11.00 – £14.00 a metre.


If you want nautical themed trimmings to adorn your beachy creations, we’ve got these fabulous large red anchor buttons, and the large transparent coloured four-hole buttons for 60p each, which look delicious enough to eat. (But please don’t eat them, no matter how much you are tempted!) Plus, the tiny black and white anchor buttons are perfect for adding a nautical accent for those that don’t want to go too over the top. You can also finish off your sewing with these simple ribbons to make a rosette, a bow or even just as edging. Perfect for accenting colours in your chosen fabric or as a contrast, they are 90p per metre each.


And if you are looking for seaside themed gifts (don’t forget Fathers’ Day is this weekend) then check out this haul of beauties:


Both seaside themed bags are £15.00, the mini pirate coloured bunting is £6.00, the glasses cases are £5.00 each and the lighthouse print is £15.00. And if you are really going all out with the nautical stuff this summer, then why not get the kids on board too, with this super cute anchor and stripe dress from Aye Aye (who else?) for £15.00.


There’s plenty more seaside inspired loveliness going down at the shop, so if you can’t make it to the beach this week, haul anchor and make the beach come to you with some nautical sewing. Aye aye, Cap’n!