Valentine’s Day at Emporia Fabric & Crafts


February is here, and the weather is still chilly enough to make you want to hide under your duvet all day eating chocolate eclairs, but romance is soon to be in the air as Valentine’s Day rears its pretty little head and invites you over for a little bit of a smooch. Well, we are throwing off the wintery chill and getting ourselves in the mood for love with a shop crammed full of loveliness, just for the most romantic day of the year.


Lots of┬ápeople seem to think ┬áthat anything relating to Valentine’s Day must be a bit twee and slightly tacky, but at Emporia nothing could be further from the truth: we invited our regular crafters to see what delights they could come up with to mark 14th February 2015, and they’ve well and truly come up trumps. Not only is our window display crammed with a whole world of red, pink and white coloured loveliness, but that loveliness also spills over into the shop with extra crafts and gifts on display throughout.


Aye Aye has gone all out for Valentine’s Day with a series of beautiful hair bows and bands made from pink and red gingham, scarlet satin, tartan and pink polka dots, which are currently scattered all over our window tree. She’s also been very, very busy with her sewing machine and has created a wealth of vintage inspired wash bags featuring bright pink flamingos and some cutesy retro pink kittens.


For those that love a bit of heart shaped romance, look no further than the creations of Lotte and Clair. Clair’s gorgeous mini hearts are filling up the boxes in the window and she’s also made these stunning big heart cushions, in polka dot red and some Klimt inspired circle prints. Sitting alongside these are some knitty cushions in vibrant red by Lotte, as well as some dinky ones hanging from the tree.

And if you want to get involved with some romantic crafting and create a little something special for your loved one (or yourself – why not? You deserve it!) there are two Valentine’s Day inspired classes taking place this month: on Saturday 7th February you can join Lotte Jamieson to learn how to knit some hearts for yourself, and on Saturday 14th February you can sit in with Clair as she takes a patchwork heart class.

For more details on the classes or to see our wonderful array of Valentine’s Day gifts and makes, pop into the shop between 10am – 5pm Monday to Saturday. We’d love to see you!