Pre-Order Star Wars and Marvel Fabrics


Exciting news people – Star Wars and Marvel fabrics are back! Coming very soon we will have a fabulous selection of both Star Wars and Marvel Avengers prints back on the Emporia shelves and we know that loads of you out there will be just as excited by the prospect as we are. Featuring the likes of Rae from Rogue One and the kick-ass Black Widow we’re sure you’ll want a slice of these babies as soon as they arrive.


Cartoon Characters

Well, the good news is that you can get yourself more than just a slice of both the Star Wars and the Marvel prints by pre-ordering your chosen fabrics, and you’ll get some money off the standard retail price too. Brilliant news for fans of these comic book style prints!

teal panel

Comic book heroes in Dark Teal

Because we love Star Wars and Marvel and we know you do too, we’ve decided to give you a discount on your pre-orders for the next two weeks before Friday 7th July

Pre-order up to 1 metre and get 10% off
Pre-order between 1 and 3 metres and get 15% off
Pre-order over 3 metres and get 20% off

Take a look at these amazing prints and let us know just how many metres you’d like. Here’s Star Wars:

And here’s Marvel Avengers:

The standard retail price for all the Star Wars and Marvel fabrics is £16.00 per metre – these prints are due into Emporia sometime in July with limited availability on each fabric. To place a pre-order for any of the prints, please come and see us in the shop as we are unable to take reservations or payments over the phone.


Star Wars Fabric Special Offer


Exciting news for Star Wars fans this week as we announce that this amazing collection of super sci fi fabrics will be hitting the shelves in less than a month! Eeek! As the seventh in the series is still being filmed just outside London (Harrison Ford’s broken ankle notwithstanding) we know there will be a growing crowd of Star Wars fans across the country getting more and more hyper (space) as they count down the days to the big release. Well, if you have such a fan boy or girl living under your roof, or indeed you’ve been speaking Jawaese like a tiny, hooded sand-dwelling native of Tattooine since you were knee high to an Ewok, then hold onto your Tauntauns and get your pre-orders for the Star Wars fabrics in now!

Coming our way in a matter of weeks, these super duper fantastic prints will be selling for £14.00 a metre, but if you pre-order them now you can get them for the special price of £12.00 a metre – so take a good look at these babies and let us know which ones you want and how many metres. And be quick! We’re only getting hold of limited quantities so be sure you grab some while you can!


Extra cool black and white drawings of Yoda and Darth, plus the instantly recognisable Death Star feature in this ever so contemporary print – we can see this one seducing an awful lot of non-crafters over to the dark side …


Darth Vader, R2D2, the Millennium Falcon and a Tie Fighter all come into the mix in this comic book style layout, interspersed with the iconic Star Wars logo. Grey, blue, black and red make for a quite grown up looking print – great for teenagers and even actual adults.


That iconic font is the sole feature of these striking red and black prints – excellent as fillers for quilts, this style looks Jedi-tastic alongside the comic book selection, bringing together the greyscale with red and blue for a seriously dynamic Star Wars look.

And if comic book prints are your thing, then our headline image will surely be for you – classic black outlines featuring scenes from the films, including Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Bobba Fett and R2D2. Great for smaller designs

STOP PRESS! Also blasting their way onto our shelves very soon are two brilliant girl power prints in the form of Wonder Woman and Bat Girl! They’re also available at the pre-order price of £12.00 a metre, so you can start planning your awesome superhero and sci fi themed makes right now. Kaboom!