Wool Comes to Emporia


You’ve been asking for it for ages, and now we’ve finally succumbed – at long last, we are now stocking wool! Gorgeous colours, soft merino strands in invitingly squishy balls of loveliness. Check these babies out, currently appearing in our spring themed window:


Aren’t they lush? And that’s not all the range, over the coming months we will be stocking up with more colours and giving you the chance to tell us what you like best. I personally love the turquoise contrasted with the pale pink, or the deep teal with the reddish pink – simply delicious colours. These yarns are all 100% pure merino wool and knit up as double knitting on 3.5mm or 4mm needles, making them fantastic for a huge variety of projects, from clothing and accessories to socks and fine knit hats and gloves. Once I’ve finished spending all my time on Pinterest wading through inspirational patterns, I’ll get cracking on my first new wool makes!


And that’s not all – coming very soon to the shop will be more fantastic yarn in the form of super duper chunky cotton, just perfect for the summer. These extra chunky cottons come in a range of colours just as beautiful as the merino, but since they’re a lot bigger, they knit up really quickly making them ideal for beginners. For anyone that thinks of knitting as a winter pasttime, these cotton lovelies will make you change your mind, so keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for when they hit the Emporia shelves.


If you’re inspired by these beautiful colours and fine wool to get knitting yourself, but you’ve never done it before, now is the time to sign yourself up for a beginner’s knitting lesson and make yourself a special skinny spring scarf. There’s one more session on Monday 23rd March, and two more on Monday 20th and Monday 27th April 2015. The classes start at 6pm and last two hours, giving you the chance to learn all the basics including casting on, knitting, purling and casting off. The class costs £25.00 per person and includes 100 grammes of merino wool or 200 grammes of cotton yarn. Give us a ring or fill in the contact form for more information.


So this is just the beginning of our little woollen adventure – let us know what you think of the yarns, and what else you’d like to see in the shop and maybe by this autumn, we’ll have even more for you to choose from.